#3 One Time Too Many [TruE] vs. #11 Just Another Tale [zzz]
Match Infos
  • Tournament: mAT 2012 September · Quarter-Finals.
  • Guild hall: Druid's Isle.
  • Flux: Like a Boss.
  • Credits: Zuranthium.
0 3
They Call Me Frenzy
1 8
Lag Is Bad
2 3
This Is Rotten
6 8
Loop Blurrs Rangers
6 1
Corpse Of Footman
3 1
Shadow Goes Monki
3 1
Seexy Healer Z
8 6
Push Me Im Bad
0 8
Hmstr Slice N Dice
1 6
She Makes Me Wanna
2 3
Muurahais Karhu
6 8
Comrade Dragon
5 8
Endgame Mechanics
3 1
3 1
Beyond The Lies
8 7
Stef Puuuuezzzz
Match report

[True] starts by immediately capping [zzz]'s vinebridge and trying to push into the base with their Dervish and Ranger. After not being able to kill the vinebridge archer they step back over to the main team, who are just a few feet away at this point. An 8v8 fight commences on the hill, with [True] spiking down [zzz]'s Prot Monk at 1:19 and then [zzz]'s Mesmer at 1:30.

As the main team continues fighting, [True]'s Ritualist goes to run the flag at 1:35 and [zzz]'s Ranger follows to push him 5 seconds later. A most curious and baffling thing then happens - after having already taken a bit of damage from the Ranger, Push Me Im Bad picks up the flag in [True]'s base at 2:05 and then pushes out of the base without putting a weapon on himself or casting Glimmering Mark on the Ranger. He eats a Melandru's Shot and continues to limp forward without bothering to try and weapon himself. Seexy Healer Z responds and goes back to help the Ritualist, saving him at 2:26 with an Infuse when the Ritualist was just a split-second away from dying to a single Ranger.

This unnecessary and bewildering turn of events has caused chaos among [True]'s team, with their positioning severely compromised and Seexy Healer Z's health cut in half from the Infuse. Push Me Im Bad continues to try and run the flag in without using any weapon spells at all and [zzz] scores a kill on [True]'s Earth Ele at 2:36. Nobody is able to rez the Earth Ele, with [True]'s Dervish and Ranger having gone off to split again at this point. [True] is unable to push the flag forward and turns around to head back to their base, with [zzz] scoring a kill on Lag Is Bad at 3:02 and then yet another kill on Corpse Of Footman at 3:11. Push Me Im Bad dies moments later at 3:17 (and STILL has no weapon spell up). Seexy Healer Z and Shadow Goes Monki are attempting to pull back into their pit, but getting continually snared, and the latter dies at 3:45. Seexy Healer Z manages to stay alive and not let either of the base Knights die before the team rezzes at 4:00.

[True]'s mainteam remains turtled in the base while They Call Me Frenzy and This Is Rotten are in [zzz]'s base, which is being defended by Stef Puuuuezzzz and She Makes Me Wanna. This offensive split of a Dervish and Ranger is able to accomplish nothing, just running around kiting the opposing Warrior. They decide to run back to mainteam at 4:25 and get headed off by [zzz]'s Ranger. They Call Me Frenzy strangely decides to run into a dead-end of the map and dies to the Ranger at 5:00. [True]'s mainteam is attempting to push the flag out at this point (oddly on their Earth Ele) and manages to cap it at 5:30. They Call Me Frenzy has been rezzed by Rotten and the two of them attempt to head back to the mainteam directly through the entire team of [zzz]. This is another big mistake and [zzz] takes advantage of it, with their Water Ele snaring [True]'s Monks while the rest of [zzz]'s damage collapses and kills They Call Me Frenzy again at 5:53 and then This Is Rotten at 5:57. Loop Blurrs Rangers has also pushed very far up for some unknown reason and gets spiked out at 6:05.

From this point [True] is unable to accomplish anything else for the remainder of the match. They mostly turtle in their base and attempt a couple more splits that go nowhere. [zzz] eventually kills [True]'s Guild Lord at 24:57.