Serving the gods as holy warriors, dervishes stand confidently in the whirlwind of conflict. Martial techniques perfected in the deserts of Elona allow a Dervish’s scythe to lash out quickly at multiple opponents, surrounding the holy warrior with a swath of destruction. Initiates often learn spells of self-protection, prayers that rush a combatant into battle, and invocations that empower attacks with elemental fury. Masters of the profession can assume the form of a god, enacting divine will with holy blessings. Keenly aware of the conditions of a fight, a Dervish can reap great benefits by using multiple Enchantments. Wandering the savannahs and deserts of Elona, the faithful Dervish chants prayers to the earth and wind... and the fury of the sandstorm answers in response.
  • Mysticism (Primary)
    Mysticism, the Dervish's primary attribute, reduces the cost of your Dervish enchantments by 4%.
  • Earth Prayers
    Many Dervish spells, especially those dealing with defense or Earth damage, become more effective with higher Earth Prayers.
  • Scythe Mastery
    Scythe Mastery increases the damage you do with scythes and your chance to inflict a critical hit when using a scythe. Many skills, especially scythe attack skills, become more effective with higher Scythe Mastery. When attacking with a scythe, you strike up to three adjacent foes in front of you.
  • Wind Prayers
    This attribute increases the duration and effectiveness of the Dervish's Wind Prayer skills, including prayers that speed movement and lash enemies with cold damage.
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