#6 Just Another Tale [zzz] vs. #9 Lags Are A Good Talent Toi Have [Yuli]
Match Infos
  • Tournament: mAT 2012 September · Semi-Finals.
  • Guild hall: Isle of Meditation.
  • Flux: Like a Boss.
  • Credits: Zuranthium.
1 8
Hamster Ftw
2 3
Muurahais Karhu
7 6
Last Of Happy
6 4
Comrade Dragon
6 3
Takin Back My Love
3 1
3 1
Beyond The Lies
8 7
Stef Puuuuezzzz
1 5
Oo No Chance Oo
1 7
The Mad Sword Beast
0 8
Dawn Silversun
2 5
Boswachter Elran
4 5
Pido Op
3 1
Kate Lee
3 1
Pathetic Noya
8 6
Il Bloody Yoshi Il
  • [Yuli]'s flagger dies right outside of his base at 22:06, to [zzz]'s Assassin and Fire Ele. With both Knights and Bodyguard already down in [Yuli]'s Lord pit, and Muurahais Karhu also joining the split, [zzz] had the opportunity to end the game. The Assassin and Fire Ele could have quickly killed the Guild Lord while the Ranger snared the one person on [Yuli]'s team who was even in range to get back to the base in time. Instead, Last of Happy and Takin Back My Love decide to kill meaningless archers and then go kill [Yuli]'s Necromancer who is coming back to the base.