#2 Esoteric Warriors [EW] vs. #3 Team Everfrost [eF] - Game 1 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Celestial Tournament · Finals
  • Guild hall: Burning Isle.
  • Defends: EW defends.
  • Credits: attilamyth (sina.com.cn).
1 7
Kyynel Ooo
0 1
Sliv I
4 6
Uvhl Attack Spy
5 3
Gruba Gggg
6 3
Ins Wants Tiger T T
2 3
Ninja Jeppe
3 6
Conzpi In Flames
3 7
Jim I
1 7
E Acid W
1 7
S Aruwen A
5 6
O Alcar R
5 7
T Polly R
6 3
E Shad I
3 6
R Loreal O
3 6
I Dephria R
6 3
C Tie S
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  • May contain incorrect skills. Translated from Chinese.
  • Match report

    The Celestial Tournament marked the second time two European teams faced off in the finals, and Esoteric Warriors were involved in both matches. In the second season of the Factions Championship, they took out iB, and this time they went up against Team Everfrost [eF]. On the way to this matchup, EW had defeated SpNv, Vibe, and iPod while Everfrost had an arguably even tougher road, going through SiN, MH, and iQ.

    The first game was a violent and somewhat short affair, taking place on the Burning Isle as per EW's choice. Everfrost came in with a well-rounded pressure build, sporting strong constant physical damage and the best Hexes and Conditions. EW ran a more spike-oriented build, which turned out to be slightly less suitable for the map.

    Neither team elected to clear out the Flame Sentinels and try a split, so they dueled in the center right away. Though EW drew first blood around the two-minute mark, it eF's more aggressive play style put lots of pressure on EW's Monks from the beginning. The constant damage forced EW to position around their bridge on the side of the flag stand. Thanks to this positional advantage, eF forced a Morale Boost at 4:00 by pressing the enemy flag runner when he elected to go below the bridge and through the lava, forcing him to hang back and cast Convert Hexes and Extinguish.

    Not long after that, Esoteric Warriors' Monks seemed to have reached their limits under the constant pressure and, after taking a few deaths, EW retreated to their base around the five-minute mark and gave up their front NPCs. From that point on, the game was one-sided, with eF suffering only one death while inflicting intermittent kills every couple of minutes, eventually causing a full wipe that started with EW's flag runner at the ten-minute mark and ended with EW's Guild Lord dead at 11:33.

    ~Adam Sunstrom (GuildWars.com)