#2 Esoteric Warriors [EW] vs. #3 Team Everfrost [eF] - Game 3 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Celestial Tournament · Finals
  • Guild hall: Isle of Jade.
  • Defends: eF defends.
  • Credits: attilamyth (sina.com.cn).
0 1
Acid Flw
0 7
Dead Aruwen
2 3
Are U Guys Iq
4 6
Shad Satanic
5 8
Polly Is Nub
3 6
Loreal Qo
3 6
Fabian And Jenny
6 8
Mee Tie
1 7
Kyynel Xd
0 7
Sliv X D D
4 6
Gruba Ttt
5 3
Uhvl Silly Ew
6 3
Ins Wants Phoenix
2 3
Ninja Jeppe
3 6
Conzpi In Flames
3 7
Jim I
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  • May contain incorrect skills. Translated from Chinese.
  • Match report

    Despite losing on this map, Team Everfrost once again chose the Isle of Jade as the battleground. The most important event of this game happened in the early minutes.

    While EW's flag runner was in his base fetching the flag, eF took the opportunity to push the rest of the team back to the bridge. The flag runner went through the portal, though, possibly due to a miscommunication, and had to run all the way back and around to avoid being alone with eF's damagers. He realized he wouldn't be able to cap the flag stand before a boost, and stayed on EW's side of the bridge.

    Everfrost got their Morale boost at around 3:50, and continued to push the pace with great confidence. Slowly starting to get sporadic kills, eF inched their way into EW's courtyard over the next four minutes, taking down several NPC Archers and Footmen in the process. With death penalty stacking up, the kills started coming a lot quicker between minutes 8 and 10, culminating in six of EW's players dying along with several NPCs.

    A period of slower action followed, with EW struggling for survival and eF fighting to keep the pressure up, making four kills over the next ten minutes, until VoD. With the NPCs on the move against them, Everfrost slowly backed off without letting up on the damage. After the battle reached the flag stand, the added NPC damage put Esoteric Warriors out of their misery. Following the 22 minute mark they finally collapsed, suffering a nearly full wipe leaving only one Monk alive, running back toward the Guild Lord. In an act of sportsmanship, he stopped at the top of the stairs that lead to the Lord, turned around, and took a bow before being caught up and killed. Team Everfrost wasted no time sending the Guild Lord after him, leaving them the victors at 23:21 in a flawless performance at the end of the Celestial Tournament.

    ~Adam Sunstrom (GuildWars.com)