#2 Esoteric Warriors [EW] vs. #3 Team Everfrost [eF] - Game 2 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Celestial Tournament · Finals
  • Guild hall: Isle of Jade.
  • Defends: eF defends.
  • Credits: attilamyth (sina.com.cn).
0 7
Acid Ftwwww
0 7
Dead Aruwen
2 3
Alcar P V P
5 8
Chop Chopgrr Panda
4 6
Shad Zzz Lolz
3 6
Loreal Qo
3 6
Dephria Cadbury
6 8
C Tie S
1 3
Kyynel Oo
0 7
Sliv X D
5 3
Gruba Ffff
4 6
Uhvl Ninja
6 3
Ins Wants Bambi T T
2 3
Ninja Jeppe
3 6
Conzpi In Flames
3 7
Jim I
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  • May contain incorrect skills. Translated from Chinese.
  • Match report

    Team Everfrost picked the Isle of Jade for the next battle, and made only minute changes to their setup; specifically the secondary professions of their frontline. Esoteric Warriors switched to a Dervish build. As is typical for an Isle of Jade match, no meaningful splitting went on for the duration of the game.

    The game initially seemed to be going the same way as the first, with Everfrost taking the first couple of kills and securing a Morale boost at 5:03 by pushing hard on EW's flagger and repeatedly knocking him down with Water Trident. Shortly after that, though, Esoteric Warriors turned the momentum in their favor by pressing eF's LoD Monk with damage and Signet of Humility, gaining them two kills and a small positional advantage. More important was what happened next, as they managed to kill eF's flagger, and take a slight lead on the Morale chart as it gave them a boost not long after the 11 minute mark.

    Team Everfrost continued to look worse for the wear, taking two deaths and retreating to the outskirts of their base, while EW gained another Morale boost to top them off. After a prolonged fight in that position, Everfrost was able to make a kill and push back toward the flag stand, having lost four NPCs. EW retained control of the Morale however, and kept the pressure on. It paid off soon after 19 minutes of game time, when both of eF's Monks went down. Four more kills followed as EW pursued into Everfrost's base. Victory or Death came around as they were rolling in, however, and they pulled back to the flag stand for the final showdown.

    With a significant Morale and NPC disadvantage on top of facing a two-Dervish build, Team Everfrost took a savage beating in the fight, and suffered an almost full wipe as well as losing all of their NPCs. Electing to regroup in the third game rather than prolong the inevitable, eF resigned at 23:33.

    ~Adam Sunstrom (GuildWars.com)