#4 The Celebrities [Cel] vs. #11 Peace And Harmony [PnH] - Game 2 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Winterfest Tournament 2006 · Finals
  • Guild hall: Frozen Isle.
  • Defends: PnH defends.
1 7
Sake Kr
5 9
I Wise I
5 3
Ill Edek Ill
5 6
I Phantamare I
9 1
I Devon I
3 5
Eraclair Andros
3 5
I Am Redneck
3 6
X Tas X
0 1
Mellisan Birrrrr
5 6
Claws Pvp
5 6
Disturbed Kitten Yo
3 7
Xx A Reel Big Fish
0 9
Susi Arrr Grr
5 6
Shobu Wtf Oo
3 5
Taryna Cura
6 3
Il Stop Flaming Il
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Quotes from players

In the 2nd match we had the choose our map and did pretty well selecting a very offensive splittbuild at Frozen Isle, the map we like the most and we have the most expierience with. We made some mistakes, but still managed to finaly send 2 Dervishes to our offensive team scoring some kills to NPCs and playersin Cels Base aswell as overpushing their defense splitt at the flag stand. The choice to splitt at VoD with a very dangerous offense splitt was the right one, because it cost them nearly all NPCs left, while we could keep all of ours - except 1 archer - up. With the help of the incredible offense our NPCs offered, - making it impossible to run in a flag and therefore securing us chainboosts, - end of the game was evident.

Selber - Susi (PnH)

In the second match we had some coordination problems but kept the initiative all the time which gave us the chance to control the match by movement and decide it at VoD.

Claws (PnH)

Why is this working so well, although they have 3 monks?
Just check all possibilities what they might do, in order to win.

Moonie - Mellisan (PnH)
Match report

Game Two took place at Peace and Harmony's split-friendly Frozen Isle guild hall, and so they played a split build that sacrificed the defensive capabilities offered by Paragons, but featured more offensive power. Meanwhile, The Celebrities stuck with its Game One build.

Peace and Harmony split to begin the match, forcing The Celebrities to react in kind. PnH kept its Elementalist back to perform a double-capture of the flag stand while its offensive team tried to pressure Cel's base. The Celebrities initially responded well, losing only a single Archer to the split. Unable to make further headway, PnH's offensive team fell back soon after the three-minute mark through the middle gate-control area to collapse on the flag stand.

PnH continued this pattern of splitting and collapsing on the flag stand to keep opposing players off balance. Using this tactic, they retained control of the gate levers in the center and prevented Cel from pushing a split team to attack their base while keeping The Celebrities' full spike offense divided. In a quick pincer movement, PnH managed to kill one of Cel's Monks and a Mesmer after collapsing on the flag stand around the eleven-minute mark. However, the fallen characters resurrected and the ensuing eight-on-eight skirmish cost PnH a Dervish and its Monk again, forcing the team to split away from the flag stand and concede Cel's only morale boost at 12:59.

The split strategy finally paid off as PnH changed up its offensive split to include the second Dervish. Soon after nineteen minutes, their offensive split managed to eliminate several more of Cel's NPCs while inflicting some death penalty on Cel's Light of Deliverance Monk. At Victory or Death, PnH's split capability forced The Celebrities to keep players back to defend the Guild Lord while Peace and Harmony's NPC advantage gave them solid control of the flag stand. Unable to split effectively, Cel waited for the Guild Lords to march to the stand so they could try to win with a unified offense. Backed by overwhelming NPC strength, PnH handily wrapped up the victory at 27:21.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)