#4 The Celebrities [Cel] vs. #11 Peace And Harmony [PnH] - Game 1 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Winterfest Tournament 2006 · Finals
  • Guild hall: Burning Isle.
  • Defends: Cel defends.
0 1
Mellisan Birrrrr
0 7
Susi Arrr Grr
5 6
Claws Pvp
9 5
Shobu Wtf
9 5
Sturbed Kitten
3 5
Xx A Reel Big Fish
3 5
Taryna Cura
3 6
Flaming Needs Shobu
1 7
Sake Kr
5 6
I Phantamare I
5 3
Ill Edek Ill
5 9
I Wise I
9 1
I Devon I
3 5
Eraclair Andros
3 5
I Am Redneck
3 6
X Tas X
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Quotes from players

Since we lost to Cel in Swiss Round, even tough we were not 100% serious about our build-choice, we had a very high oppinion about their strengths. Therefore we were choosing a very defensive build in the first round, in the hope to bypass their very well-executed spikes and stay alive, while pressuring their team and getting random kills. Unfortunatly we had not tested this build well enough and at VoD it shew it's weakness, collapsing under the heavy pressure of the AoE-asspects of Spiritual Pain.

Selber - Susi (PnH)

Didn't really have an idea what to run against Cel so we tried the dual angelic bond build again that worked quite well against the Necro Raiders Spike but the problem in this match was that we just couldnt get a big enough advantage before the 20 minute mark and when VoD hit we pretty much knew that we would lose to triple spiritual pain.

Claws (PnH)

I only was thinking about how damn thumb i was spamming Angelic Bond and my Chours to much, i just noticed that at ~minute 12. Then i tried to get more effectivness out of my char. But didn t gave much of an edge. I think we sacrificed to much dmg on both paragorns to get enougth kills. If i remember correct we could have got like 5 or more more kills, if we wouldn t have changed the bars of our paragon before the match. (lost 140+ dmg imo)

Burga - Kitten (PnH)

Why don t they die *cry*
I just thought, what to do in the 2nd match, the first seemed lost already after 5 mins.

Moonie - Mellisan (PnH)
Match report

Game One took place at The Celebrities' Burning Isle guild hall, a map notorious for its unfriendliness towards split builds. Cel brought a defensive build with a spike-oriented offense featuring three Domination Mesmers packing shutdown skills and high-damage skills such as Spiritual Pain and Energy Surge. With an "Incoming!" Paragon and a three-Monk backline, Cel could fend off enemy attacks while preparing to spike. A Shadow Prison Axe Warrior completed The Celebrities' offensive spike, while one Monk brought Storm Djinn's Haste to run flags. Even while separated from the rest of the group, this Monk still offered vital support and kept the entire party healed with Light of Deliverance.

In contrast, Peace and Harmony opted for a defensive build capable of melee pressure, bringing two Dervishes with Avatar of Melandru and Imbue Health. In the midline, a Mesmer helped with spikes and utility and two Paragons alternated between offensive and defensive Shouts and Chants while protecting the team with Angelic Bond. Like Cel, they also brought a three-Monk backline, making one of those a Monk/Elementalist flag runner. To avoid an untimely Diversion, the Monk/Mesmers on both teams equipped Hex Breaker.

Both teams started the game by heading to the flag stand. After exchanging blows for twenty minutes, neither guild could push the other back despite a few kills for both sides. The two guilds sparred until Victory or Death, trying to find a weakness in the other's defenses. Both teams had the potential to spike down targets, but both had Paragons to augment defense. In the event of a successful spike by the opponent, both teams had reusable resurrection skills to bring back fallen players, which helped because neither team could control the flag stand long enough to earn a morale boost and recharge Resurrection Signets.

At VoD, however, Peace and Harmony became overly aggressive with its Dervish-based offense and The Celebrities took advantage. As PnH's Glimmer of Light Monk moved toward the front lines to heal, Cel successfully spiked the Monk. PnH scrambled to recover, but as the NPCs arrived at the flag stand, The Celebrities sustained the momentum and eliminated the opposing Bodyguard. They then followed up by taking down a D/A to further restrict PnH's potential damage. With Cel's Bodyguard well protected and Peace and Harmony succumbing to added damage from NPCs, PnH began a retreat to the Guild Lord. PnH then tried to mount a gank attempt through the back lava path, but the ensuing chaos left their Monks completely exposed. With PnH seemingly undecided as to whether to abort the gank attempt to save the Guild Lord or continue through the lava, Cel quickly finished off the Guild Lord at 23:21 to take a 1-0 advantage.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)