#4 The Celebrities [Cel] vs. #11 Peace And Harmony [PnH] - Game 3 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Winterfest Tournament 2006 · Finals
  • Guild hall: Burning Isle.
  • Defends: Cel defends.
5 3
Melli Goes Pvp
5 9
Susi Arrrr Grr
5 9
Shobu Wtf Oo
5 6
Disturbed Kitten Yo
5 6
Claws Pvp
3 5
Xx A Reel Big Fish
3 5
Taryna Cura
3 6
Flaming Needs Shobu
1 7
Sake Kr
5 9
I Wise I
5 3
Ill Edek Ill
5 6
I Phantamare I
9 1
I Devon I
3 5
Eraclair Andros
3 5
I Am Redneck
3 6
X Tas X
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Quotes from players

At this point we had 15 minutes to choose the build for the last and all deciding match. We knew Cel was going to choose Burning Isle and we knew they would run the build they beat us before on their home map, so we had the choice to pick a splittbuild and go over the sentinals or to beat them 8v8 at the flagstand. The first choice seemed very risky and quite unsecure and given the importance of this match forced us to run a build, that has proofed to be very successfull against ourselfes: Necro Raiders ran very hard-to-shut-down Dual Incoming Mesmers versus us in the Quarterfinals which served us a loss we could not counter by anything and therefore we picked this build. The hard and fast spikes featured by a very strong defense against the spikes from Cel was the right choice and even if some players would call this build "lame" or "cheap" - we knew from previous playoffs that sometimes you have to overtwist a certain aspect of the gamemechanics and do something you refuse to run normaly in order to win an important match.

Selber - Susi (PnH)

We expected Cel to run their trademarkspike on Burning again thought about splitting but quickly discarded that option and decided to try to beat them 8 on 8, using the dual incoming mesmerspike that the Necro Raiders countered us with in the quarterfinals when we were running Cels build.

Claws (PnH)

Just pure excitment, cause win or loss would decide if gold cape or not.
I was thinking of my goldcape while calling spikes :p

Moonie - Mellisan (PnH)
Match report

For Game 3, The Celebrities stuck with the Game One build, as it had previously worked well on Burning Isle. Peace and Harmony, however, brought a Spiritual Pain spiking build that featured five Mesmers and three Monks. The finals would come down to who had the more effective spike.

Again, both teams headed to the flag stand. This time, however, PnH came prepared to play the defensive spike game. PnH landed several kills, mostly on a Mesmer/Elementalist and Infuse Health Monk, while stopping most incoming spikes, thereby steadily whittling away at Cel's morale. Finally, at 14:50, PnH scored a key kill on a Mesmer/Monk, one of The Celebrities' two sources of reusable resurrection skills. Then, after preventing the Mesmer/Paragon from using Signet of Return by interrupting it with Leech Signet, PnH followed up by spiking the two other Mesmers, forcing a retreat. During the retreat, Peace and Harmony killed off the infuser right after 16:00. With two of Cel's players at sixty-percent death penalty, PnH pushed its eight-on-six advantage and kept the battle in Cel's base, delivering more death penalty and eliminating NPCs up until 19:30.

At VoD, Cel had few options remaining, so most of the team pushed out the back path to try to gank PnH's Guild Lord. PnH fell back in response, handily disposing of this last threat. With no viable options left for victory, The Celebrities resigned at 24:21, allowing Peace and Harmony to celebrate a hard-fought championship.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)