#1 War Machine [WM] vs. #6 The Last Pride [EvIL] - Game 1 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season Three · Finals
  • Guild hall: Isle of Weeping Stone.
  • Defends: WM defends.
  • Credits: Crazy Ohara & ころ.
5 6
Eun Jong K
5 7
Captain Danjang
1 6
Bloodlight Eyes
7 6
Iast of Master
6 3
Ruin K Grasy
5 3
Love Mijin
3 5
Only One Star
3 5
Soul Wedding
1 7
Wm Gold Rush
1 7
Wm White Queen
3 5
Wm 브라운라이
6 3
투 사
8 1
아 부
5 3
3 5
Wm 헬로엔요
3 5
리 리 빵
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Match report

Game one took place at War Machine's Isle of the Weeping Stone guild hall. WM's build featured plenty of offense in the form of two Warriors, a Smiting Monk, and an Air Elementalist, as well as defensive support from a Ritual Lord Ritualist. EvIL's build featured three Mesmers designed to counter WM's heavily offensive game plan while still packing some offensive power. To combat WM's use of Divine Boon Protection Monks, one of EvIL's Mesmers brought Shadow Shroud.

EvIL started by sending most of its team out its back gate with the Guild Thief to infiltrate WM's base, while the Elementalist stayed behind with one Monk. WM arrived at the flag stand but noticed EvIL's red dots move past its position on the radar, so it sent its team back to defend against an all-out assault on its base and gave up its charge. This maneuver allowed EvIL's Elementalist to capture the flag stand without hindrance and keep WM on the defensive.

While EvIL shifted the battle back to the flag stand, it sent its Assassin along the eastern path back to WM's base with the Guild Thief, hoping to eliminate more NPCs. WM sent its Elementalist back to defend, but not even Blinding Flash could prevent EvIL's Assassin from dealing a fatal blow at 5:40. WM sent its Axe Warrior back to deal with the Assassin, but the Warrior fell at 6:52 when WM had to send its Elementalist back to the flag stand with the flag. These developments prevented WM from advancing on EvIL's base for the rest of the game, as WM focused on stopping EvIL's Assassin from interfering with flag running.

Neither guild could achieve an advantage at the flag stand. EvIL brought multiple copies of Unnatural Signet, protected by Distortion, to deal with WM's Ritualist Spirits. Even though EvIL could not muster up enough offense to make more than one kill, EvIL's Mesmers kept WM from doing more damage than its Monks could heal.

With the game in Victory or Death, EvIL's Assassin eluded WM's Axe Warrior and attempted to eliminate some War Machine NPCs before they reached the flag stand. Despite a quick death, the ploy allowed EvIL's NPCs to reach the flag stand first. From there, EvIL's Archers had a height advantage over WM's NPCs. Due to the range of attacks, WM's NPCs had to stop in areas affected by the Stone Spores native to the map. Although WM felled an EvIL Bodyguard, the superior positioning of EvIL's NPCs caused WM to concede the first Morale Boost of the game to EvIL at 32:38.

EvIL quickly eliminated the remaining WM Bodyguard, having killed the other of WM's Bodyguards prior to the boost, and attempted to push its newfound advantage. EvIL's Assassin snuck past enemy lines to try to catch WM's Axe Warrior at the WM resurrection shrine. This move backfired when WM sent its Elementalist back to assist, and with EvIL at a player disadvantage, WM focused on eliminating EvIL's Archers. At the late date, however, with the Guild Lords marching out to the flag stand, WM could not capitalize on this situation. With EvIL packing three Mesmers' worth of Enchantment removal, protective Enchantments did not stay on WM's team members for any length of time. Unable to keep both its players and its Guild Lord alive, WM succumbed to EvIL at 38:45.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)