#1 War Machine [WM] vs. #6 The Last Pride [EvIL] - Game 2 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season Three · Finals
  • Guild hall: Frozen Isle.
  • Defends: EvIL defends.
  • Credits: ころ.
7 5
Wm 사장님
7 5
Wm White Queen
1 2
Wm Free Life
3 5
아 브
6 3
투 사
5 3
3 5
Wm 헬로엔요
3 5
리 리 빵
5 6
Eun Jong K
1 6
Legend Of Danjang
7 6
Bloodlight Blade
7 6
Iast of Master
6 3
Ruin K Grasy
5 3
Love Mijin
3 5
Only One Star
3 5
Soul Wedding
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Match report

Game two took place at The Last Pride's Frozen Isle guild hall. WM turned to the build that helped it finish the regular season in first place. WM's two Assassins used Arcane Echo and Arcane Mimicry with Shadow Form. Since the Health loss from Shadow Form does not trigger when a player is reapplying Shadow Form, the Assassin pair remained impervious to spells and normal attacks. WM's main squad featured an Axe Warrior, a Smiting Monk, and an Elementalist with offensive and defensive capabilities. EvIL's lineup resembled the build it used in game three against Mostly Harmless and featured two Assassins of its own.

WM began the match with a split, sending its two Assassins to infiltrate EvIL's base. EvIL's Assassins, who had headed toward WM's base, turned around to deal with this threat while the rest of EvIL's squad headed to the flag stand. Upon reaching EvIL's base, WM's Assassins began their Shadow Form chain, using Arcane Echo to copy Shadow Form, which allowed them quick entrance into the Guild Lord's area. EvIL's Assassins came prepared for threats and used Expunge Enchantments to remove Shadow Form from one of WM's Assassins, and scored a quick kill. EvIL's Assassins swiftly prevented WM's other Assassin from escaping and infiltrated WM's unguarded base at 1:44.

When WM's Assassins revived at the WM resurrection shrine, they realized that a two-on-two situation with EvIL's Assassins was impossible. WM's main squad fell back to assist its Assassins, but lost a Monk in the process. EvIL killed WM's Elementalist and returned WM's flag back to WM's base, further compounding WM's problems. With WM forced to play defense, EvIL had full reign over the flag stand and secured a Morale Boost at 6:18.

WM tried to send its Assassins to infiltrate EvIL's base again, but weakened by the death penalty, they did not last long against a single EvIL Assassin with Expunge Enchantments. Pushed back into its base and unable to split effectively, WM could do nothing to stop EvIL from earning regular Morale Boosts and whittling away at WM's defenses. Knowing the game had fallen out of reach, WM resigned at 14:33, making EvIL the champions of the Season Three Guild Wars Factions Championship and securing EvIL's #2 seed for the Finals in Leipzig, Germany.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)