#1 Team Quitter [QQ] vs. #11 Idiot Savants [iQ] - Game 2 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Autumn Season 2006 · Finals
  • Guild hall: Isle of Weeping Stone.
  • Defends: iQ defends.
  • Credits: Borer锥子 (Duowan.com).
7 1
Famous Assassin
7 6
Kestrel Ridin Dirty
2 1
Cassandra Darkmist
2 1
Nuka The Na...
3 5
Cyrus Exe
3 5
I Am Teh Monk
3 5
Tommy Equals Ftw
6 3
1 4
Lara Valor
1 4
Big Mchugelarge
1 4
Lucis Loves Nutella
8 3
Rayne of Rayne
2 3
Crystal Karolyn
6 3
Nalesia Alvindi
3 7
Red Bars Go Up
3 7
Pyreus Kril
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Match report

The Idiot Savants decided to play on the Isle of Weeping Stone for the second match and made no changes to their build. Team Quitter switched to one of the many builds they had used earlier in the tournament. This build featured two Assassins and two Ranger thumpers with pets.

Realizing that iQ's strength came at Victory or Death, Team Quitter decided on split tactics in Game Two. They used their dual Assassin split to kill off the enemy NPCs to hopefully gain an advantage later on in the game. This worked to remove some of the surrounding defensive archers, though iQ sent their Ritualist and Elementalist back for defense. Blinding Flash easily disrupted the high damage attack combinations of the Assassins, and the Ritualist was able to leave offensive spirits like Shadowsong and Bloodsong to deal extra damage. The split still secured kills, but iQ's defense stalled the Assassins long enough to save some NPCs for VoD.

Despite pulling ahead in NPC numbers, the split was not as effective as QQ wanted. Their main group could not handle the pressure from the Savants' Warriors. QQ was pushed back, and iQ got their first kill when they dropped QQ's flag runner at 9:23. iQ secured a Morale Boost at 10:01 and didn't look back, continuing the aggression and never easing up their pressure.

When Victory or Death came, all of QQ's NPCs lined up near the flag stand. Realizing iQ was going to cast a Meteor Shower on the NPCs, Team Quitter made one final push to kill the Elementalist. They almost got it, but iQ saved their mage and it was able to drop meteors on the NPCs, creating a tremendous advantage.

Once all of the NPCs were cleared, iQ dispatched the remaining players and moved towards the Guild Lord. Not wanting to give up, Team Quitter tried to make one last back-door run to iQ's Lord. They never made it to their target, as the Idiot Savants went on to defeat Team Quitter's Guild Lord at 23:48 and win the Autumn Tournament.

Overall, these two teams were virtually deadlocked throughout the entire two-game series. It was iQ's experience with Victory or Death and their patented move of using Meteor Shower and Glyph of Sacrifice at the end of each match that paved the way to their victory. iQ made minimal changes to their build throughout the competition demonstrating that, when it comes down to it, experience is a key factor to being a successful competitive guild. Will the introduction of Nightfall change iQ's build or tactics? Or will we see a new guild emerge to counter the tricks of old and invent new ones for themselves? We can only imagine!

~Christian Brellisford (GuildWars.com)