#1 Team Quitter [QQ] vs. #11 Idiot Savants [iQ] - Game 1 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Autumn Season 2006 · Finals
  • Guild hall: Nomad's Isle.
  • Match duration: 25:21
  • Defends: QQ defends.
  • Credits: Borer锥子 (Duowan.com).
1 4
Lara Valor
1 4
Big Mchugelarge
1 4
Lucis Loves Nutella
8 3
Rayne of Rayne
2 3
Crystal Karolyn
6 3
Nalesia Alvindi
3 7
Red Bars Go Up
3 7
Pyreus Kril
1 8
Champion Azural
1 8
Smgzor the Smug
5 8
Kestrel Tres Mal
5 7
Forbidden Axiom
6 3
Unequivocal Kiro
3 5
Famous Monk
3 5
I Am Teh Monk
3 5
Tommy Equals Ftw
Note: some skill descriptions may have changed since this match was played. Highlight the skills with a red border to see these changes.
Match report

The finals opened up on Nomad's Isle, chosen by Team Quitter. Action immediately began near the flag stand. QQ's build included a Smiter to bolster their Warrior damage, combined with two Mesmers using Energy Surge. QQ quickly spiked iQ's Ritualist for a kill within the first 30 seconds of the match. Almost two minutes after that, they spiked the Ritualist again for another kill. Showing their experience, iQ stayed calm and did not panic. Instead, they pulled the Ritualist back to a safe position to help run flags. Idiot Savants' experience in Guild Battles was called upon many times throughout the finals. In this case, they simply regrouped and the battle raged on. After the initial kills, the pace slowed for a while as both teams traded flag stand captures and felt each other's builds out.

The builds were slightly different; both guilds had front line damage coming from Warriors, but each team had variable support characters, both offensive and defensive. The Quitters brought a classic Water Elementalist with Heal Party and also employed a Smite Monk, while the Savants brought a Ritualist and a Fire Elementalist with Heal Party. For added pressure, QQ used two Domination Mesmers and iQ had a Ranger packing Traps.

QQ maintained the upper hand throughout most of the mid-fight by using extra pressure from Smiting and direct damage from the Mesmers. They managed to score five kills before iQ got their first. Sensing their opponents were strong, the Savants dug in their heels and waited. They weathered the battle, secure in the knowledge that they had a specific VoD strategy.

When VoD came, iQ pulled out their ace in the hole—a move they have been using since the GWFC—Glyph of Sacrifice paired with Meteor Shower. It's a skill combo that their Elementalist hardly uses with the exception of games that go to VoD, and it is devastating to grouped targets. The NPCs at VoD become ideal victims for this high damage skill combination. Within seconds after Team Quitter's NPCs left the base, they all died to iQ's Elementalist.

This gave iQ a massive NPC advantage at the flag stand, at which point they took over the stand to receive a morale boost. The extra damage of their own NPCs allowed the Idiot Savants to all but eliminate Team Quitter. At 25:21, QQ's Guild Lord fell.

~Christian Brellisford (GuildWars.com)