#14 Lamers Ultimate Majority [LuM] vs. #21 Treacherous Empire [Te] - Game 3 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars World Championship · Quarterfinals
  • Guild hall: Isle of the Dead.
  • Defends: Te defends.
  • Credits: Guild Wars Tomb.
1 6
Lamers Knublet
1 6
Casa Cool
2 5
Emp F T W
2 5
Lamer Juu Hachi
3 5
Urzas Salvation
3 5
Lamers Conzpi
3 5
Lamer H I E T
2 5
I Trasheri I
5 6
5 6
Bob The Anggry
5 6
5 6
5 6
5 6
Egg Is Unlocking
3 5
Te Awowa
3 4
Stepn Vapor Rub
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Quotes from players

This was an interesting one. I'll leave it to the players themselves to give their story, but I have to say that those of you here trying to armchair analyse what happened are going to struggle to understand it.

Key issue here is that Te underestimated LuM. LuM won the first game, and hung around in the second despite Te's counter build. Up on the stage, with a lot of noise and not much time ... it's easy to make a mistake with build choice. Certainly, they weren't playing a joke build. They'd brought that build intending to use it at some stage; just not against LuM, for whom it was a bad choice.

Alex Weekes (NCsoft Europe)

Our build was not a bad choice, not in the least. There was a restart in Game 3, which no one saw because the Referees were not in the game - however, the game progressed far enough for LuM to see our build.

Sooo... the secret 1 shot wonder I called originally when LuM rushed into us in a clump with no enchants up turned into 3 Prot Spirits and everyone spread out - after the restart. I still feel very confident in that build choice if the restart had not occurred.

But enough excuses - LuM played well, and moved on as they deserved. GG =)

Kriegar (Te)

We assumed (correctly) they would bring more to deal with hexes/degen. Our planned build for the 3rd match was another warrior heavy one. We had exactly 5 minutes to decide on a new build, make chars, and get to the guild hall. We chose (poorly) to leave our stronger non-warrior heavy buid for WM, and chose to use caster spike. The Me/E build can be strong, but not in the GWWC conditins. We underestimated, lost, gg LuM.

Hutto (Te)

-Originally planned a 3 warrior build
-5 minutes to prep a new build, create, and run it(if we had more time we would have pulled a build from the WM list)
-restarted match and they saw the spike build (no time to switch to 2x dom mesmer build)
-cheerleaders, shaky ventrilo, music, press, crowds, stage lights, tech difficulties = bad spiking conditions
-overall a bad group decision

Trexton (Te)

In game#2 we had !1! hex removal in whole build so we thought about doing something about hexes, I dropped !infuse health! and something else for 2 hex removals while we took trapper with natures renewal to counter there hexes and warriors. Yes we did have 2 prot spirits but that's kinda normal when warriors are metagame eh? O_O

Deya (LuM)
Match report

After a short period between games for guild discussion of builds and strategy, both LuM and Te swapped out builds for the final game of Match No. 1. Te went with a spike build using a large number of Mesmers, and LuM was able to counter the build quickly. At 9:30, LuM took the victory.