#14 Lamers Ultimate Majority [LuM] vs. #21 Treacherous Empire [Te] - Game 2 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars World Championship · Quarterfinals
  • Guild hall: Druid's Isle.
  • Defends: LuM defends.
  • Credits: Guild Wars Tomb.
1 6
Bob The Angry
1 6
Kriegar Pwnsyou
2 5
Hutto Carrionfields
4 3
Save Me From Evil
5 3
Trex The Dismal
4 3
Egg Is Unlocking
3 5
Te Awowa
3 4
Stepn Vapor Rub
1 6
Lamers Knublet
5 6
Lamer Juuhachi
2 5
Emp F T W
3 5
Lamer H I E T
1 6
Casa Cool
3 5
Urzas Salvation
3 5
Lamers Conzpi
2 5
I Trasheri I
Note: some skill descriptions may have changed since this match was played. Highlight the skills with a red border to see these changes.
Quotes from players

We ran what we had planned on running beforehand with success.

Hutto (Te)

They put a nice counter build against us and we basicly cudn't do much.

Deya (LuM)
Match report

Treacherous Empire claims victory just minutes past the VoD mark in the second game of the match. Te was running a heavy Degen build and put constant pressure on LuM the whole game. LuM retreated back to their base and went into a defensive posture, but took heavy losses at the mid-point in the match. LuM tried to make some pushes, but never was able to get solid grounding, and Te crushed them at about the 33-minute mark.