#1 The Last Pride [EvIL] vs. #17 I Black Widow I [Wi] - Game 1 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season Two · First Round Playoffs
  • Guild hall: Frozen Isle.
  • Defends: EvIL defends.
  • Credits: Crazy Ohara.
1 7
2 6
Omze A Ninjaa
1 6
Lorak Pvp
7 6
Nox The Ninja
5 6
In Trin Sic Oo
3 5
Jak O
3 5
Mesa Ana
6 3
X Cobra
5 7
Eun Jong Go
6 3
Captain Danjang
7 3
Bloodlight Blade
1 6
Last Of Master
2 5
Uan D Grasy R
5 3
Love Mijin
3 5
Only One Star
3 5
Soul Wedding
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  • Black Widow pulls off one of the biggest upsets in Guild Wars championship history.
  • Quotes from players

    Bloodlight couldn't do anything because of our build. Shame he didn't improvise exactly either.

    Lorak (Wi)
    Match report

    In accordance with the tournament rules, the first game took place on EvIL's guild hall of choice, the Frozen Isle. Our plan for this game was to exploit the fact that EvIL doesn't use a flag runner like other guilds, but instead sends an Assassin or Warrior back for it. Our goal was to use mobility and skirmishing to kill NPCs and stop them from running flags.

    From the start, Wi split into three groups. Our Assassin, Nox, took the western passage to the enemy base, our E/Mo flag runner and Crippling Shot Ranger went to the flag stand, while the rest moved up the middle. EvIL sent four players towards the middle to engage that group, and four players to the Flag Stand, leaving Nox alone to kill an Archer.

    While our group of five at the center of the map pushed EvIL's group of four back towards their base, EvIL's group of four took the flag stand and forced our two players in that area to retreat. Our middle group went back to try to trap them, and they took another route into the center where they met up with the rest of their team. Our Assassin returned to help with the fight.

    Two minutes into the game neither team was gaining an advantage, and Nox split off towards EvIL's base once more. As he started killing Archers, our group of seven retreated to base instead of fighting on the ice. Twenty seconds later, EvIL killed our E/Mo and returned our flag. One of our healers met the same fate soon after, and the group retreated as well. At 4:18, EvIL gained the first Morale Boost of the game.

    Meanwhile in EvIL's base, Nox killed three more Archers and was getting ready to go for another. To handle this, EvIL sent its own Assassin, Bloodlight Blade back to take care of him. In response to this, our Ranger, Omze, left our base through the western passage and joined Nox at EvIL's base. Together they killed Bloodlight, followed by the last of EvIL's Archers outside their Guild Lord area, and then Bloodlight again as he was resurrected at the shrine. A Warrior from EvIL's offensive group, Last of Master, moved up through the center to help out at his base.

    In our base, we lost two Archers but suffered no casualties. As Last of Master split off, EvIL's main group started slowly backing up in the direction of the watchtower with our team continuing to engage them. At 6:18, they gained their second Morale Boost. After that, they fell back to base, allowing us control of the flag stand. As they retreated, our Warrior/Assassin used the combination of Death's Charge and Bull's Strike to knock down one of EvIL's Mesmers on the ice, stopping his retreat and killing him.

    EvIL was unable to catch our two split players. They pushed to take the flag shortly after, leaving only Last of Master to protect the base. Their flag runner was hindered by knockdowns and slow effects long enough to get us our first Morale Boost at 9:03, putting us on equal footing in the morale chart. There was more six-versus-seven fighting at the watchtower until 10:30 when EvIL lost one of its bodyguards. This prompted the whole EvIL team to fall back, losing their Assassin to knockdowns in the process.

    Nox and Omze backed off and were chased by Last of Master and Captain Danjang, EvIL's Elementalist, down the western passage. Bloodlight Blade resurrected at the shrine and joined them on their way to our base. Meanwhile, the majority of EvIL's players pushed out to the watchtower. Our team gained another Morale Boost at 12:26, maxing us out before EvIL captured the flag stand.

    At our base, EvIL's three split characters killed two of our Archers and forced ours to hide near the bodyguards. We took the flag stand and sent our Mesmer home to help against the split. It worked well; the three in our base were forced to run and one man was killed.

    EvIL gathered the team outside their Guild Lord area and split up again, this time with four players headed towards our five by the flag stand, and four chasing our three through the western passage to our base. No kills took place until Nox split off and headed towards their base again, reaching and killing their final bodyguard around 18:00 and leaving EvIL with only their Guild Lord. He headed home again right after, as one of our Monks got killed near the flag stand.

    As the main battle moved towards our side of the flag stand, Omze and Nox split off once more to threaten the enemy Guild Lord (but EvIL would have none of it). They sent four players after them, allowing the rest of our team to push towards the flag. Omze got killed and joined the main group by the flag stand after resurrecting at the Shrine. Their split team of four headed towards our base, and our whole team fell back to protect our NPCs. A chaotic battle took place outside our Guild Lord area, where each team suffered a death.

    Omze split off once again towards EvIL's base but was chased down and eventually killed by their Elementalist and Assassin. Our flag runner E/Mo, X Cobra, bit the dust shortly after. After resurrection at the shrine, Nox and Omze split off once more and had a long skirmish with Bloodlight Blade in the center area of the map. At 24:50, our flag runner accidentally dropped the flag by switching weapons, and EvIL were quick on the uptake. This ensured them a boost at 25:19, putting them firmly ahead on the morale chart.

    Last of Master, EvIL's Warrior, ran through the center to help out Bloodlight and they killed Nox and Omze on their side of the flag stand. Our team decided to turtle in our base and press our NPC advantage at Victory or Death. There was some hit-and-run fighting in our base, with EvIL taking the most casualties. They gained two Morale Boosts at 27:19 and 29:19.

    Victory or Death triggered at the 30-minute mark, and EvIL moved to the center of the map. This allowed our NPCs free passage to the flag stand along with one flag runner, X Cobra. They engaged our team at our Guild Lord right after, and scored four kills in the two minutes that followed. We answered in kind, taking down three of them in our base. Bloodlight was taken down by Elemental damage from our flag runner and NPCs during an attempt to capture the watchtower. We earned a much-needed Morale Boost at 32:46. Our team killed one of their Monks which allowed us to push them out. As they retreated, two more of their players were destroyed.

    EvIL retreated but three of their offensive characters split and headed towards the flag stand. They lured out and killed both bodyguards. Our team gained another Morale Boost, and 15 seconds later the Guild Lords began their walk. EvIL split and tried to aggro our Lord in transit, but reinforcements were sent in. The battle moved back to the flag stand. EvIL took out several of our Archers as well as one of our Monks. Their efforts were in vain, as we killed one of theirs and inflicted enough damage to defeat their Guild Lord. Victory was ours at 39:39.

    ~Adam Sunström (GuildWars.com)