#5 The Last Pride [EvIL] vs. #6 Idiot Savants [iQ] - Game 1 of 3
2 5
Prp Vs Ep Anyone
2 1
Awesome Mcsweetcool
2 5
Apollo In Germany
4 5
Lanrete Enyar
2 1
Allison Gauss
6 3
Nalesia Alvindi
3 5
Red Bars Go Up
3 5
Sarus Noobie Bot
5 6
Eun Jong K
1 7
Legend Of Danjang
7 6
Bloodlight Blade
7 6
The Last Of Master
6 3
Ruin K Grasy
5 3
De Vil M
3 7
Only One Star
3 7
Soul Wedding
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Match report

Read the Wind, Dual Shot, Aura of Displacement. One of these things is not like the other, can you guess which one? While there is no way EviL could have predicted that iQ would show up with Ranger spike, their map selection and teleport-heavy build choice made them some of the hardest-to-hit targets imaginable. Not content to simply hang around and dodge bullets, EviL took to the hills early and often, collapsing on iQ's flag runner in the first three minutes with two Assassins and moving swiftly into the base to take down a Bodyguard.

Forced to adjust to the now-you-see-them, now-you-don't mentality thrust upon them by their Korean opponents, iQ often had to forego typical flag capturing in order to stick together and land spikes. But while they were often successful in killing front-line targets, the nature of the Isle of the Dead allows for so much play with line-of-sight that EviL's backline remained almost entirely out of harm's way for the majority of the match.

Once again, a spike fell prey to a more mobile and adaptive build, as EviL consistently garnered morale boosts and stretched out the playing field enough so that when they collapsed as eight, it was like a tidal wave crashing down on the Americans, with no life preserver in sight.

Failing to inflict key kills, and losing NPC ground at a rapid pace, iQ was simply unable to withstand the pressure, and finally caved in around the 18 minute mark for the last time. With iQ in full-retreat, and attempting to survive until the next resurrection time, EviL did what they do best–executing a strategy. In mere seconds, iQ's remaining Bodyguard was down, and their Guild Lord was soon to follow. Give credit to iQ for utilizing the element of surprise, but give a little bit more credit to EviL, who made life a living hell for a target caller.

~Joshua Lovejoy (GuildWars.com)