#3 War Machine [WM] vs. #7 I Guild I [iGi] - Game 2 of 3
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season One · Semifinals
  • Guild hall: Druid's Isle.
  • Match duration: 36:12
  • Defends: iGi defends.
  • Credits: Lure.
1 4
Wm Lee Jang Nim
5 3
Wm 아브님
6 3
Luar Planeswalker
3 5
Wm If Only
1 6
Wm Changs
5 4
5 3
Wm Sup Geabegi
3 5
1 6
Remstar The Red
1 5
Champion Azural
3 5
Three Pounds
5 6
Kestrel Rage Heals
6 3
Miss Digi
6 3
Aelius Hax
3 5
Tastes Like Own
4 1
Natures Seasons
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Match report

Both guilds modified their team builds for Game 2, played at iGi's Druid's Isle Guild Hall. To counter WM's anti-Warrior Hexes, iGi's W/N switched to a W/Me to bring Hex Breaker. WM swapped a Me/E for a Me/N with additional Warrior control in the form of Price of Failure.

WM's split strategy turned against them in Game 2. Whenever WM split on this map, iGi would feign a split and collapse on whichever WM group went towards iGi's base. To pick off targets, iGi would snare with a Water Hex, then focus damage to finish the target off. This strategy allowed iGi to gain a sizeable morale advantage. The deaths weakened WM to the point where they had difficulty staying alive even when regrouped. iGi wore WM down enough to earn a morale boost at 23:28.

Unable to split effectively, WM could only delay iGi by sneaking flags over to the flag stand while the rest of the team ran laps around Druid's Isle trying to set up an assault on iGi's NPCs. WM's Me/Mo had Resurrect to bring fallen comrades back to life to keep the marathon going but, by Victory or Death, one of WM's monks had already accumulated 60% death penalty. With iGi firmly in control, the WM conceded at 35:45.

~Harold J. Chow (GuildWars.com)