#4 The Benecia Renovatio [RenO] vs. #5 Esoteric Warriors [EW] - Game 2 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season One · Quarterfinals
  • Guild hall: Warrior's Isle.
  • Defends: EW defends.
  • Credits: Lure.
1 6
Viki ????w
2 5
4 3
3 5
Lupicia Yume
1 6
5 3
?????? By Ryu
6 3
3 5
Dark Edenb
1 5
Acid Ftww
1 5
Elendar Valar
5 3
Dorm Is Pve Honest
6 3
Last Of Esoteric
3 5
Dephria Cadbury
3 5
Shad Lovely
4 3
Obscura Keetauw
6 3
Mee Tie
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Match report

The second game took place on Esoteric Warriors' Guild Hall of choice, the Warrior's Isle.

This time, RenO brought an overload build. They ran the same Warriors as the previous game, but instead of the Lightning Elementalist, they used a Necromancer with Offering of Blood and lots of spammable hexes like Life Siphon and Faintheartedness. In place of one Mesmer was a Ranger/Mesmer with Crippling Shot and Apply Poison. The remaining Mesmer had switched to a build with Migraine, Conjure Phantasm and Power Leak. EW ran the same build they used in the first game.

Both teams brought all eight players to the center right from the beginning, and they never really left. EW started taking sporadic kills early, but never got the snowball effect going. At the 6:30 mark, EW had taken three kills, and RenO decided to send their Ranger around the side with the thief to try and nab EW's repair kit. He was crippled by NPC archers however, and killed by one of EW's Warriors and EW's runner before he could leave their base. As soon as the Ranger resurrected at the shrine, he went the same way again and killed an archer on the wall before the flag runner chased him away.

After that, it was more of the same 8 vs. 8 combat at the flag stand, with EW taking a few more kills and nobody gaining any morale boosts. At least, that's how it went until around 16 minutes into the game, when EW's flag runner dropped the flag right next to the watchtower, presumably because of an accidental weapon set switch. RenO were not slow on the uptake though, and returned the flag immediately. At this point, they pushed hard to hinder EW from getting the flag in, and got the first morale boost of the game at around 16:50, bringing their death penalty level back up to the same as EW's.

Shortly after, EW sent a Warrior with a repair kit around the side to try to repair RenO's trebuchet. He was close to succeeding, but RenO's Ranger drove him off. It wasn't long before RenO attempted the same, except through the center, and succeeded.

There were a few more kills by EW before the 30 mark rolled around, bringing Victory or Death with it. RenO then expertly placed one Warrior in EW's front gate while manning the trebuchet. The tactic was successful, and EW's NPCs stopped in their courtyard to fire at the Warrior while the trebuchet rained death on them from above.

When the Esoteric Warriors found themselves without any NPCs other than a Guild Lord, they sent their entire team, including Monks, around the southeast path to try to get to RenO's Lord. RenO reacted wisely to this gank attempt, and sent their Warriors off to slay EW's unprotected Guild Lord while the rest of their team went home to protect their own Lord.

EW's Guild Lord fell, and The Benecia Renovatio advanced to the semi-finals. In the end, it was a victory of superior tactical choices over the stronger build.

~Adam Sunstrom (GuildWars.com)