#1 The Last Pride [EvIL] vs. #2 War Machine [WM] - Game 1 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars World Championship · Finals
  • Guild hall: Frozen Isle.
  • Defends: WM defends.
  • Credits: Guild Wars Tomb.
6 3
Captain Danjang
1 3
Bloodlight Eyes
2 5
War 우노리
1 6
Last Of Master
5 6
Pride Eun Jong
5 3
Love Mi Ya
3 4
Only One Star
3 4
Soul Wedding
1 6
Wm Jang
5 4
Wm 뉘슈
2 5
War Planeswalker
3 4
Wm W B
1 6
Wm Nom
2 5
War First Queen
4 5
Wm Duran
3 4
Wm S R
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Match report

The 1st game of the Guild Wars World Championship started with The Last Pride (EvIL) challenging the Korean Regional Champion, War Machine (WM). The map for the first game took place on the Frozen Isle map. At the start of the game, both teams pushed towards the Flag Stand. War Machine immediately did its normal 4 and 4 split, but EvIL's entire team pushed towards the flags. One of War Machine's split groups started killing EvIL's NPCs and managed to take out one, while the other half of War Machine fought over the flag.

Heading to the 2 minute mark, neither team had captured the flag. Both teams were fighting at the Flag Stand with their flags in their hands. At 2:15, EvIL killed War Machine's Monk at the Flag Stand. War Machine immediately resurrected him. Then at 3:00, EvIL again killed the same War Machine Monk.

The battle continued at the Flag Stand, with neither team gaining the advantage. War Machine lost a Warrior, and again lost their twice-slain Monk. War Machine's split team positioned at EvIL's base came rejoined their team to assist at the Flag Stand, and the combined War Machine force started to push EvIL back to their base.

At 5:00, War Machine was pushing EvIL hard, and EvIL lost both a Monk and and Elementalist outside their base. Both teams made a hard press towards the Flag Stand yet again, and the battle raged. EvIL lost a Monk at the Flag Stand.

At 7:00, War Machine was pushing EvIL back into their own base. WM scored another kill on one of EvIL's Mesmers. EvIL ran one man to the center, and WM split off two players to fight him.

While those players split off, the rest of the teams fought in front of EvIL's base. EvIL again killed the same WM Monk, and WM took down one of EvIL's Warriors. After the Warrior resurrected, EvIL trapped him inside the “control room.” At 10:00, War Machine got a Morale Boost, but just seconds later, EvIL recaptured the flag.

EvIL dominated the battle at the Flag Stand, killing WM Warriors and Rangers. The huge crowd gathered in front of the stage, cheering wildly for their favourite--EvIL--as they pushed WM. At 11:30, EvIL dropped another WM Warrior at the Flag Stand, forcing WM into a retreat.

At 12:00, WM respawned and surged out of their base towards the Flag Stand. Both teams fought toe-to-toe at the Flag Stand. At 12:30, EvIL got a Morale boost. As the battle raged, EvIL started pushing WM back into their base. One WM Warrior made a break through EvIL's lines to take the Flag. EvIL used Gale to slow him down, but the rest of WM pushed forward to support him, and WM captured the Flag Stand at 14:00.

At 15:00, a 6-on-6 battle raged at the Flag Stand, with each team splitting off players to do flag running and to skirmish at EvIL's base. EvIL started pushing WM back towards their own base. WM lost the same Monk once again. Each guild converged their entire force into a head-on battle in front of WM's base. EvIL did everything they could to slow down WM's flag runner, and at 17:15 they succeeded in getting a Morale boost. As the battle continued, EvIL killed WM's Monk one more time.

At 18:30, WM pushed two players back into EvIL's base. EvIL continued the fight at the Flag Stand while they sent one player back to defend their base. The WM incursion took down two of EvIL's outside Archers. EvIL sent a Ranger and Elementalist back to their base where they killed the WM Warrior who had encroached into their space.

At 19:40 EvIL got another Morale Boost. At 20:00 they killed the Ranger outside of their base and again killed the same WM Monk. EvIL timed their slaying of the Ranger carefully so that he just missed the respawn, meaning that WM had to send someone back to resurrect him. At 21:30, while the battle continued in the map's center, EvIL made a move to start pressing WM back, and EvIL picked up some kills during WM's retreat.

At 22:00, the 6-on-6 at the Flag Stand had been ongoing for several minutes, and at this point, WM's Ranger War Planeswalker starting harassing EvIL's base. At 22:30, WM lost both Monks at the Flag Stand. They quickly resurrected them, but within seconds EvIL killed both Monks again.

At 23:30, EvIL made a hard push into WM's base. With one of WM's Monks out due to Death Penalty, EvIL capitalized on their advantage and started killing WM's base NPCs. At 24:00, EvIL was in WM's base for the respawn, and killed WM's second Monk as soon as he respawned. The crowd cheered for EvIL as they pounded on WM in the WM base.

EvIL continued to apply the pressure to WM and take down their NPCs. As most of WM lay dead on the ground, EvIL took down one Bodyguard and then another. At 25:00 they were pounding on WM's Guild Lord with both WM Monks lying helpless on the ground. WM got one kill on EvIL just as EvIL finished off the Guild Lord, bringing the game to an end at 25:50.