#1 The Last Pride [EvIL] vs. #4 The Benecia Renovatio [RenO] - Game 2 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars Factions Championship Season One · Semifinals
  • Guild hall: Burning Isle.
  • Match duration: 10:00
  • Defends: RenO defends.
  • Credits: Lure.
5 3
Eun Jong
6 3
Cap Danjang N Gomu
1 6
Bloodlight Eyes
1 6
Last Of Master
2 5
Uan D Grasy R
5 3
3 5
Only One Star
3 5
Soul Wedding
1 3
2 5
4 3
3 5
Lupicia Yume
1 6
5 3
?????? By ???
6 3
Viki Mam
3 5
Dark Edenb
Note: some skill descriptions may have changed since this match was played. Highlight the skills with a red border to see these changes.
Match report

After the first game, The Last Pride made a few changes: it swapped one of its Elementalists for a Ranger/Mesmer. This new character was able to disrupt skills using Distracting Shot and Blackout and deal conditions with Apply Poison and Crippling Shot. RenO exchanged an Elementalist for an identical Ranger/Mesmer as well.

RenO was defending familiar ground using its Fire Island Guild Hall, but it proved a bad choice as The Last Pride took advantage of the tight fighting quarters. EvIL used a Warrior for running flags, which was a smart choice as the Warrior was much sturdier through the lava and was able to cause significant damage on RenO’s Elementalist runner.

The disruption on the Ranger and the heavy knockdowns on the Warrior made it hard for RenO’s Monks to keep up with the healing. At the 2:45 mark EvIL claimed the first kill and shortly after they dropped the second Monk. From there it was all downhill for RenO. RenO couldn’t keep pace with healing with the heavy focus damage coming from the different EvIL players and one of their Mesmers died. RenO gave a good fight for another 4 minutes but the death penalty took its toll. Forced to use hard resurrects instead of signets and out of Monk healing, RenO was forced back to base at around 9 minutes.

Once again EvIL moved straight in to kill all supporting and healing characters. Once successful, they moved on to cleaning up the Bodyguards. With no healers present the Guild Lord fell at 10 minutes and EvIL claimed a 2-0 victory to move on to the finals.

Throughout both matches, The Last Pride maintained focus and pressure on key targets. The Benecia Renovatio eventually buckled. Blocking flag runners and taking advantage of low armor targets when enemy Monks were down were the key play decisions EvIL employed to secure victory. Although the matches were short in length, RenO put up a good fight. Should there be a rematch, there's no telling the outcome.

~Christian Brellisford (GuildWars.com)