Guild of the Week2005/06/28 – Disturbed Forces [DFx]
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Guild of the Week: Disturbed Forces (DFx)

Disturbed Forces (DFx) formed in April 2001 as a collection of PvP players who desired some strong competition. Initially, the guild members played Diablo II and then progressed to Shadowbane, before finally moving to Guild Wars. Through all the different games, DFx performed well in tournaments and leagues. Currently, DFx is enjoying a high ranking on the Guild Wars ladder, having placed strongly in the top twenty for several weeks. DFx members are focused on improving their PvP ability while maintaining close ties of friendship and loyalty, which they feel is a very important factor in achieving success as a guild.

Observant players might note that Disturbed Forces is listed as "Disturbed Froces" on the ladder. This typo was made during the guild's creation and has yet to be fixed because members feel that it fits with their overall personality and play style; as a guild, DFx typically displays an amused and somewhat irreverent outlook.

Since it is a strongly competitive guild, Disturbed Forces uses the cooperative missions and explorable areas almost entirely for unlocking runes, skills, and item upgrades. The guild aims to achieve maximum flexibility for PvP character creation, and thus strengthen the guild. To that end, unidentified items are freely shared between members, ensuring that each player unlocks upgrades appropriate to his primary character type.

Strategy: PvP Play

Ask Disturbed Forces to name one the key reasons for the guild's success, and they'll likely tell you that it's keeping an eye on the prevailing metagame. For example, when they see other guilds using a lot of Air Elementalists for spike damage, they will adjust their build to include better counters. DFx members believe that having a deep knowledge of what your own skills are capable of, as well as those commonly used by your opponents, can elevate your gameplay above that of most opponents. Besides having a firm understanding of your own skills, DFx members stress the importance of being aware of the current popular strategies and counter-strategies, battlefield positioning, and the inherent strengths/weaknesses of particular tactics.

Strategically, DFx relies on identifying key members of the opposing team. Once they've identified the most important characters, they adapt their strategy to disable those key enemies. Understanding your opponent's build and taking steps to counter its most important members can give you a strong psychological advantage as your enemy tries to adjust its own strategy.

As you might have guessed, DFx members place a high value on the psychology of Guild Wars combat. Often, a psychological advantage can make the difference between otherwise equal teams. They commonly look for ways to upset their opponents, either by interrupting key skills or identifying and neutralizing key members of the enemy guild.

Disturbed Forces typically enters battle with a support structure of three Monks, and the members make heavy use of voice chat. The majority of the characters in the group equip support skills designed either to help their allies or to provide large-scale negation of enemy abilities. Another important DFx strategy: target calling and keeping enemy healers off-balance by quickly and effectively switching targets. This can cause an enemy Monk to waste healing on the original target.

PvP Quick Tips

When participating in PvP battles, DFx members offer the tips and strategies below.

  • Morale boosts and death penalties are very important. A Death Penalty can be one of the most devastating effects on an enemy team, whereas attaining a morale boost over your enemy provides both in-game and psychological advantages.
  • It is better to fight one team than to fight two. Avoid becoming the meat in a sandwich.
  • Play to your character strengths: typically, a primary Ranger performs better when played as a Ranger. Use your secondary profession to support your primary role.
  • Terrain can be used to attain an advantage. Always keep an eye on team position and do not knowingly put yourself in an inferior position.
  • Clever use of interrupts and skill-blocking abilities can provide a psychological advantage.
  • Build your character around the rest of the group. Group synergy is a very important part of being successful in Guild Wars PvP.
  • If you are the teams designated "target caller," think about making your character as simple to play as possible; this allows you to concentrate on the battlefield and target selection.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of Disturbed Forces:

  • Handle: Chato Dfx
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: Monk (Healing and Protection).
  • Handle: Syk DFx
    Location: Chicago, IL, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: Elementalist/Ranger.
  • Handle: Reanna Dfx
    Location: Orange County, CA, USA
    Gaming Background: RPGs
    Preferred Character: Mesmer and Necromancer.
  • Handle: Poet
    Location: NYC, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: Monk (all flavors) and various support characters. The foundation of a strong team is constructed from synergy and coordination, not powerful individual templates.
  • Handle: Airborn
    Location: Washington State, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: I play a Ranger/Monk most often. I have a few different templates, but I use my "high-damage-per-second" template most often. I use Punishing Shot, Penetrating Shot, Precision Shot, Hunter's Shot, Pin Down, Whirling Defense, Lightning Reflexes, and various different resurrects depending on what the situation calls for.
  • Handle: Keido
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: Rangers of all sorts. Preferably interrupt/condition focused.
  • Handle: TooT
    Location: Washington State, USA
    Gaming Background: PvP
    Preferred Character: Mesmer-the kind that does the thing where you wish you were dead and then it happens and you're relieved.
  • Handle: x_AJ_x
    Location: Germany
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: Warrior, Ranger, or Mesmer.
  • Handle: Evil Ernie Dfx
    Location: Kennewick, Washington State, USA
    Gaming Background: Tribes and Shadowbane
    Preferred Character: Hammer Warrior and Elementalist.
  • Handle: Hybrid GoD
    Location: Missouri, USA
    Gaming Background: Diverse
    Preferred Character: A Warrior that deals high and fast damage per second (DPS). Using Blackout as a Warrior is fun, and Tiger's Fury DPS is a blast.