Skill UpdatesAugust 25, 2005
Developer Notes

We like the concept of Spirits overall, but there were a few things we felt we needed to improve. For example, the fact that so many Spirits could exist in one area caused the frame rate to decrease and created pathing obstacles, as well as making Spirits extremely difficult to counter. Now when you cast a Spirit, all other allied spirits of the same type that are within the newly cast Spirit's range are destroyed. Additionally, Spirits will no longer affect other Spirits. We also tweaked the costs and effects on other spirits, including Nature's Renewal and Quickening Zephyr.

  • Nature's Renewal: no longer removes all Hexes and Enchantments when cast; doubles the cost of maintained Enchantments
  • Fertile Season: reduced duration to 15...39...45 seconds
  • All Spirits: Spirit effects no longer affect other Spirits (example: Fertile Season no longer adds Health and armor to other Spirits); also, when a Spirit is cast, it destroys all other allied Spirits of the same type within its range
  • Lightning vs. Fire

    The primary difference between lightning and fire damage is that lightning is meant to be a very powerful single target damage line, while fire should be a very powerful multi-target line. We felt that Chain Lightning was a little too powerful in terms of multi-target damage, and we felt that some of the basic fire spells like Fireball and Meteor where a little too expensive for the damage they did. We reduced the damage and effect of Chain Lightning and lowered the costs on some of the fire spells to help bring these more into balance.

  • Meteor: lowered Energy cost to 5
  • Fireball: lowered Energy cost to 10 and recharge time to 7
  • Chain Lightning: increased cast time to 3 seconds; decreased damage to 10...70...85; lowered maximum distance between targets
  • Zero Recharge

    We were concerned that skills with low casting time and zero recharge time were causing an imbalance, as they allowed players to trigger other spells like Zealot's Fire at an extremely rapid rate. To improve the balance, we added a small amount of recharge time to these spells. We also touched up some other skills (like Putrid Explosion) that had very powerful chain reaction effects, which we felt were difficult to counter.

  • Draw Conditions: added 1 second recharge time
  • Divine Boon: added 1 second recharge time
  • Putrid Explosion: increased recharge time to 5 seconds
  • Underused Skills

    We took some time to look at skills we felt were under-used (like Panic, Spinal Shivers, Dwarven Battle Stance, and a few others) and tried to either reduce their cost or increase their effects. Often we find the best way to balance something is to increase the effectiveness of its counters; this can be a very tricky thing to do, but it often provides more interesting play.

  • Panic: increased duration to 10...22...25 seconds; increased AOE to "nearby foes"
  • Spinal Shivers: increased duration to 10...34...40 seconds
  • Dwarven Battle Stance: increased duration to 5...10...11 seconds
  • Note: All skill ranges are for Attribute 0...12...15.
  • Chain Lightning: Increased cast time to 3 seconds; decreased damage to 10...70...85; changed recharge to 10 seconds; lowered maximum distance between targets.
  • Fireball: Lowered Energy cost to 10; lowered recharge time to 7 seconds.
  • Glyph of Sacrifice: Reduced recharge penalty on next spell to 90 seconds.
  • Mark of Rodgort: Reduced cast time to 1 second; increased duration of burning effect to 1...3...4 seconds.
  • Meteor: Lowered Energy cost to 5.
  • Cry of Frustration: Lowered casting time to .25 second.
  • Hex Breaker: Reduced duration to 15...75...90 seconds.
  • Mantra of Earth: Lowered Energy cost to 10.
  • Mantra of Flame: Lowered Energy cost to 10.
  • Mantra of Frost: Lowered Energy cost to 10.
  • Mantra of Lightning: Lowered Energy cost to 10.
  • Mantra of Recall: Lowered Energy cost to 10; lowered the amount of Energy you gain back to 3...23...28.
  • Panic: Increased duration to 10...22...25 seconds; Increased AOE to "nearby foes".
  • Shatter Hex: Reduced AOE to "nearby foes"; reduced damage to 30...102...120.
  • Signet of Humility: Changed the related attribute to Inspiration Magic; changed duration of effect to scale from 1...13...16 seconds based on rank in Inspiration Magic.
  • Aegis: Now only affects party members.
  • Divine Boon: Added 1 second recharge time.
  • Draw Conditions: Added 1 second recharge time.
  • Healing Hands: Increased the amount healed to 5...25...30.
  • Healing Seed: Lowered Energy cost to 10; Decreased duration to 10 seconds.
  • Protective Bond: Energy lost per hit increased to 6...4...3.
  • Restore Condition: Lowered Energy to 5; increased recharge time to 2 seconds; reduced the amount healed to 10...58...70.
  • Scourge Sacrifice: Now affects all adjacent targets.
  • Barbed Signet: Reduced recharge time to 20 seconds.
  • Blood Renewal: Increased Health regeneration to 3...5...6.
  • Consume Corpse: Decreased casting time to 1 second; increased Energy gained to 5...17...20.
  • Dark Bond: Now affects all damage types, not just physical.
  • Deathly Chill: Increased secondary damage to 5...41...50.
  • Grenth's Balance: Reduced recharge time to 15 seconds.
  • Plague Signet: Decreased recharge time to 10 seconds.
  • Putrid Explosion: Increased recharge time to 5 seconds.
  • Spinal Shivers: Increased duration to 10...34...40 seconds.
  • Well of Suffering: Increased duration to 10...26...30 seconds; increased Health degeneration to 1...5...6.
  • Concussion Shot: Decreased attack time from .75 to .5 seconds.
  • Crippling Shot: Decreased recharge time to 1 second; decreased duration of Cripple to 8 seconds.
  • Distracting Shot: Decreased attack time from .75 to .5 seconds.
  • Fertile Season: Reduced duration to 15...39...45 seconds.
  • Nature's Renewal: Modified to no longer remove all Hexes and Enchantments when cast; now doubles the Energy degeneration for maintained Enchantments.
  • Punishing Shot: Decreased attack time from .75 to .5 seconds; increased recharge time to 8 seconds.
  • Quickening Zephyr: Increased Energy cost to 25; reduced duration to 15...39...45 seconds.
  • Revive Animal: Increased resurrected pet Health to 10...77...94%.
  • "I Will Avenge You!": Increased AOE to anywhere within your radar.
  • "I Will Survive!": Decreased recharge time to 30 seconds.
  • Dwarven Battle Stance: Increased duration to 5...10...11 seconds.