Interactive Maps
Raton · 4 January 2022

Explore the Guild Wars world map with searchable quests and 360° panoramas!

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  • New map: Tyria (Prophecies)
  • Added point of interests: collectors
  • New search options: missions, artisans, merchants and collectors
  • [Maps] Added cluster for quests
  • [Maps] Icons size are now based on zoom level


  • New feature: sidebar menu (under the Zoom out button)  
    • [Pre-searing] Daily activities: Nicholas and Vanguard. For Nicholas, you can see the locations of today's item on the map
    • Complete list of quests
    • Filter quests by type: Primary, secondary, skill, repeatable, rotating
    • Point of interests: Artisans, merchants and resurrection shrines
  • [Quest] Added missing quest: Unnatural Growths given by Aidan
  • [Quest] Added a "Preceded/followed by" tab next to rewards
  • [Quest] Added new icons for quests itinerary for better readability
  • [Pre-searing] Added Catacombs south entrance/exit
  • Tons of fixes (quests itinerary, panoramas location, bugs, etc)


Along with the outposts and missions, display all the quest givers to see the rewards and details for each quest and the itinerary to complete them. Enjoy the 4K 360°/180° panoramas of the landmarks and places you've spent so much time in — and if you're a newcomer: step into the world of Guild Wars.

The interactive maps are a collaborative work with Zemnoes (GW ign: Era Martyr). At the moment, only the Ascalon (Pre-searing) map is available and if the feedback is positive, the other maps should be available in the coming months — a polished work requires time :)

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Current flux
  • Meek Shall Inherit
  • If you do not have an elite skill equipped, you have +2 to all attributes, +2 Health regeneration, and +1 Energy regeneration.

    Map rotation
    • Isle of Wurms
    • Imperial Isle
    • Isle of Meditation
    • Warrior's Isle
    • Frozen Isle