Interactive Maps
Raton · 4 January 2022

Explore the Guild Wars world map with searchable quests and 360° panoramas!

Along with the outposts and missions, display all the quest givers to see the rewards and details for each quest and the itinerary to complete them. Enjoy the 4K 360°/180° panoramas of the landmarks and places you've spent so much time in — and if you're a newcomer: step into the world of Guild Wars.

The interactive maps are a collaborative work with Zemnoes (GW ign: Era Martyr). At the moment, only the Ascalon (Pre-searing) map is available and if the feedback is positive, the other maps should be available in the coming months — a polished work requires time :)

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19 February 2022
12:00 EDT · 09:00 PDT · 16:00 GMT
Current flux
  • Odran's Razor
  • "The natural state of a phenomenon is often the most revealing." – Lord Odran (PvP combat is unmodified.)

    Map rotation
    • Isle of Weeping Stone
    • Uncharted Isle
    • Druid's Isle
    • Burning Isle
    • Warrior's Isle