Skills: now with sound effects!
Raton · 6 December 2021

Over 1200 skills have been updated with sound effects! You can play the casting sound of any of these skills by clicking the play button next to the skill name. This implementation is the work of Zemnoes (Guild Wars ign: Era Martyr), kudos to you!

Next, PvE skills will be added to the database and there is a big project coming up!

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21 October 2023
12:00 EDT · 09:00 PDT · 16:00 GMT
Current flux
  • Minion Apocalypse
  • Any time a player dies, all nearby creatures are struck for 50 damage and a level 20 masterless bone horror is spawned.

    Map rotation
    • Isle of Meditation
    • Uncharted Isle
    • Isle of Jade
    • Isle of Solitude
    • Isle of the Dead