Guild Banner Designer
Raton · 21 November 2021

The Guild Banner Designer is a replica of the Guild Emblemer: you can design your cape, change patterns, colors and emblem with the same options like the one in Guild Wars. Also, you can add a cape trim and export your creation.


The other 7 trim colors (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and obsidian) can now be picked, have fun!

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21 October 2023
12:00 EDT · 09:00 PDT · 16:00 GMT
Current flux
  • Like a Boss
  • If no one is the boss, killing another player makes you the boss, giving you -20 armor but the following bonuses: +33% attack speed, +33% movement speed, -33% skill activation time, +3 Health regeneration, and +1 Energy regeneration. If you die, you stop being the boss. If another player killed you, they become the boss.

    Map rotation
    • Isle of Solitude
    • Druid's Isle
    • Corrupted Isle
    • Isle of Weeping Stone
    • Uncharted Isle