Template Decoder
Raton · 30 September 2021

A template decoder has been added, it shows you the professions, attribute points and skills of a template code in a readable way. Plus, you can also enter a date when the build was played to see the skill changes between now and then.

Template code must begin with O or A, and for now, the skills displayed are the PvP version only.

In addition, a new category is introduced: Tools, for upcoming small projects around PvP and PvE.

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20 April 2024
12:00 EDT · 09:00 PDT · 16:00 GMT
Current flux
  • There Can Be Only One
  • You deal an additional 30% damage to foes of the same primary profession. Killing a foe of the same primary profession restores all your Health and Energy, and you get a 5% morale boost.

    Map rotation
    • Isle of the Dead
    • Isle of Solitude
    • Imperial Isle
    • Isle of Wurms
    • Isle of Jade