Guild Wars Memorial revival
by Raton · 28 June 2021

Today marks the return of Guild Wars Memorial after a long hiatus.

Six years ago, when the website shut down, my passion for the game was gone. I had lost interest in Guild Wars and at the same time, the future of Guild Wars Memorial and I decided to put an end to it. However, after all these years, the nostalgia for this game was too strong. 

I've been actively working on bringing Guild Wars Memorial back online for several months now. For those who remember the previous version, there are some notable changes, but also some new features.

The first step in this revival was to get the site back online, the next step will be to add content between the years 2005 and 2014 while developing new community features. I want the site to become a place where Guild Wars fans can share their memories.

For those who want to help with content management, thank you but I already have trusted people in that position and am not looking for additional help at this time.


  • Builds:
    • Added team composition and match winner to the match list
    • Better display of skills and skill changes
  • Results:
    • Past seasons: Added Celestial Tournament
    • Past seasons: Added more information about the tournaments
    • Past seasons: Added more pictures of GWWC and GWFC
    • Historical Ladders: Intersession Season Ladder #2 (top 21 to 39) and GWFC Season 1 Ladder (top 19 to 20)
  • Databases:
    • List of guilds: Added an indication for non-Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese guilds
    • List of skills: Added a introduction section for each profession
    • List of skills: Added the skill "Resurrection Signet"
    • List of skills: Added a popup for conditions
    • List of skills: Added sorting by skill type
    • List of skills: Checked all skills description
    • List of skills: Added a tag system
    • Skill updates: Added developer notes
    • Skill updates: Added top 10 most updated skills & statistics
    • Articles: Created a new category for PvP articles from

& many small features.

Next MAT
21 August 2021
12:00 EDT · 09:00 PDT · 16:00 GMT
Current flux
  • Chain Combo
  • Whenever you use a skill with a different attribute than the last skill you used, you gain a 5% stacking damage bonus (maximum 30%). This bonus resets if you use a skill with the same attribute as the last skill you used.
    Map rotation
    • Burning Isle
    • Isle of Wurms
    • Uncharted Isle
    • Nomad's Isle
    • Isle of Solitude