#6 Treacherous Empire [Te] vs. #10 Idiot Savants [iQ] - Game 2 of 2
Match Infos
  • Category: Guild Wars World Championship Regional Playoffs · America - Finals
  • Guild hall: Burning Isle.
  • Match duration: 25:26
  • Defends: iQ defends.
  • Credits: Guild Wars Tomb.
1 6
Bob The Angry
2 5
Hutto Carrionfield
4 6
Sheep The Necro
5 3
Trex Wind
4 3
Kriegar Has Spells
2 3
Lulu Cheats N Hacks
3 1
Where Energy Go
3 1
Stepn Vapor Rub
1 6
Big Mchugelarge
1 6
Im A Paladin
1 6
Celestia Valkyria
5 6
Rayne Eternal I Q
2 5
Hello Apollo
3 5
Truth Bot
3 5
Sarus Practice Bot
3 4
Savage Cheater
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Match report

Te switched up its roster, inserting some Victory is Mine Monks into the lineup in an attempt to counter the heavy Gale use from the earlier match. Likewise, iQ did its own lineup tweaking and settled on a Heavy Warrior setup.

The match counter started, spurring both teams into action. The fierce rivals pushed for the flag stand, where Te engaged iQ in the proximity of the lava pits. They took the upper hand with Victory is Mine, pushing the other team back. Te’s team was generous with casting conditions, but iQ’s 8th character healed the party from a distance and removed conditions with Martyr, thus foiling Te's efforts. Te's Monks had a difficult time harvesting Energy with Victory is Mine.

iQ held steady with Degen stacked up, but the Heal Party Monk balanced things out. At the four-minute mark, iQ lured two of Te’s damage dealers a away from their healers and quickly dropped them. Te endured heavy losses and turned tail, allowing the other team to score some easy kills with Gale and Cripple.

Despite their advantage, iQ was cautious to infiltrate Te’s base. As a result of their hesitation, a standoff ensued outside of Te's stronghold. iQ continued the assault on Te, scoring a few kills in the process. Their Heal Party Monk stayed in position, just out of the fray. After 25 minutes of brutal fighting, iQ moved in for kill, taking down the remaining Te players and finally their Guild Lord. Flawless victory for iQ.