Guild of the Week2006/10/17 – Your Math Teacher [MATH]
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Guild of the Week: Your Math Teacher [MATH]

For MATH, the name of the game is fame. Formed in November of 2005, MATH was founded by players who often found themselves together in "I Will Avenge You!" (IWAY) groups. They founded the guild to make it easy for members to find like-minded parties for reaching the Hall of Heroes. Although other names were discussed, members felt that the name Your Math Teacher [MATH] suited their sense of humor. Once the guild was formed, they began inviting friends to fill in the roster. A few days later, MATH saw its first victory in the Hall of Heroes.

Since MATH's first successful day together, Heroes' Ascent (formerly Tomb of the Primeval Kings) has evolved. For a while, the IWAY build was considered a dying strategy. Typically, people expected the build to go no further than the first three maps on the path to the Hall of Heroes. However, in the last quarter of 2005, an alteration revitalized the build. The standard IWAY build became two Necromancers, two Mantra of Resolve Rangers with Traps, and four IWAY Warriors. MATH was well known for excelling with the new IWAY build and met with success against varied opposition.

They played IWAY so much in Heroes' Ascent that they became synonymous with the IWAY build. Individual members climbed to high ranks as they accrued massive amounts of fame. Eventually, MATH took its skills to GvG, using IWAY, albeit in different form than HA. Now that HA has changed to 6v6 matches instead of 8v8, IWAY has little hope of survival in the new environment.

MATH enjoyed a long stint in the spotlight as one of the most widely known IWAY groups around and plans to continue PvP. The IWAY formula left a deep impression on the HA community, and it won't be forgotten anytime soon.

PvP Discussion

MATH's classic IWAY was a build used to overwhelm opponents with extreme damage and Conditions. It consisted of four IWAY Axe Warriors, two Spike Trap Rangers carrying Mantra of Resolve, and one Necromancer with Order of the Vampire, Order of Pain, and some healing spells. A second Necromancer with Tainted Flesh aided in running relics and dispersing opponents in small areas.

MATH played this build aggressively, usually deploying the trappers to lay Traps near the enemy, ensuring the spread of Conditions, damage, and knockdowns. The Warriors followed up with an overwhelming onslaught of damage, supplemented by use of Edge of Extinction, Nature's Renewal, and Predatory Season. The pets assisted by triggering opponents' Traps and dying. That way, the team could use IWAY to get increased Health regeneration and attack speed for each death. Meanwhile, the Tainted Necromancer used the corpses to inflict additional damage. The other Necromancer stayed back, making sure that one of the Orders was always up. He also used Heal Party and Healing Breeze.

  • Warrior/Ranger
    16 Axe Mastery, 9 Strength, 10 Beast Mastery
    Tiger's Fury, "I Will Avenge You!", Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Distracting Blow, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet, Predatory Season
  • Warrior/Ranger
    16 Axe Mastery, 9 Strength, 10 Beast Mastery
    Tiger's Fury, "I Will Avenge You!", Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Distracting Blow, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet, Sprint
  • Warrior/Ranger (x 2)
    16 Axe Mastery, 9 Strength, 10 Beast Mastery
    Tiger's Fury, "I Will Avenge You!", Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Distracting Blow, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet, Edge of Extinction
  • Ranger/Mesmer (x 2)
    15 Expertise, 16 Wilderness Survival
    Mantra of Resolve, Troll Unguent, Nature's Renewal, Spike Trap, Dust Trap, Healing Spring, Barbed Trap, Resurrection Signet
  • Necromancer/Monk
    14 Blood Magic, 9 Soul Reaping, 12 Healing Prayers
    Order of the Vampire, Order of Pain, Heal Other, Heal Party, Healing Breeze, Healing Seed, Purge Conditions, Resurrection Signet
  • Necromancer/Elementalist
    16 Death Magic, 9 Soul Reaping, the rest distributed between Water Magic and Air Magic according to personal choice.
    Tainted Flesh, Well of Profane, Maelstrom, Windborne Speed, Putrid Explosion, Gale, Soul Feast, Resurrection Signet

MATH IWAY became far less effective due to skill rebalancing last spring. While HA was still 8v8, there was a variant of IWAY favored by some teams, but MATH moved on to new tactics. They are currently in the process of exploring other builds for successful GvG battles.

The founders of MATH are still determined to focus on fun and friendship, as well as being competitive in both HA and GvG combat. The guild is known for its strong focus on the HA scene (a few members have even reached Rank 12) and MATH has always been a fan of the IWAY build. However, current members are looking forward to the future. They hope to see MATH not only reaching into balanced play, but also holding rank on the GvG ladder.

Member Profiles

Learn more about MATH.

  • Handle: Evil Kane, Kane Shadowmaster
    Location: Manila, Philippines
    Gaming Background: I've always been a fan of RPGs and other platform games. Both PvE and PvP appeal to me.
    Preferred Character: I like playing Warrior/Ranger in the ever-so-popular IWAY build to pressure soft targets and defend our back line when required. I also play Monk, since I like keeping the party alive, and Assassin because I enjoy killing enemies quickly and efficiently.
    Position in the Guild: I've always been an officer in MATH as I was one of the founding members.
  • Handle: Lady Maat, PvP In Love
    Location: New York
    Gaming Background: I am a huge fan of fantasy RPGs and turn-based strategy games. In college, I played MUD games whenever I was free.
    Preferred Character: I like to play my Warrior the most, because I spent way too much time IWAYing with her.
    Position in the Guild: Guild Leader until my IWAY wears out, then we'll have another election to vote for the next worst IWAY nub of all time in GW history.
  • Handle: Scout Master Syra
    Location: New York
    Gaming Background: PvE, IWAY
    Preferred Character: Offensive trappers, Bunny Thumpers, and Crippling Shot Rangers. I always make sure that I fit Spike Trap, Disrupting Lunge, or Distracting Shot in my Skill Bar, depending on the role I need to play. I love to break the rules of battle positioning, overextending to make sure that I die first and give my team the ability to use "I Will Avenge You!"
    Position in the Guild: Officer and founding member. I've been in MATH since November 10th, 2005.
  • Handle: I Candy Girl I
    Location: South Australia
    Gaming Background: Historical combat games.
    Preferred Character: I like caster professions. I suck as a Warrior because I overextend and forget my battle awareness. My favorite build is a Monk with Divine Boon, Mend Condition, Guardian or Signet of Devotion, Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Inspired Hex, Energy Drain, and Contemplation of Purity.
    Position in the Guild: Officer, Ex-Leader, The Yeller and Screamer, Guild Mom.
  • Handle: X Rated, Missy Rogue
    Location: Singapore
    Gaming Background: I used to be addicted to several PvP games before Guild Wars came out.
    Preferred Character: I fell in love with the Warrior, but I'll do any offensive support roles when the team requires. I refuse to do Monk in PvP. I prefer to be in the middle of action, bashing opponents.
    Position in the Guild: Officer and one of the first members at the guild's foundation.
  • Handle: Speed Light
    Location: Singapore
    Gaming Background: RTSs.
    Preferred Character: Necromancer. Support roles in IWAY.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
  • Handle: Memphis Helstron, Lexie Luvs Eternal
    Location: Southern California
    Gaming Background: PvE, PvP, RPGs, FPSs, I do it all.
    Preferred Character: Ranger first, Warrior second. My favorite skill is Savage Shot.
    Position in the Guild: Ex-officer, now member.
  • Handle: Lina Lexa, Cirie Fields
    Location: USA
    Gaming Background: I started out playing a FPS when I was seven years old. I tried other games, but something about a PvE and PvP game sounded more fulfilling.
    Preferred Character: Personally, I love playing Monks and Elementalists. Something about a class that's less common than others is always more fun to me. If you ever go into a mission area, the most common thing you will see is "LF Monks!" With Elementalists, I just love warding and doing Starbust.
    Position in the Guild: I'm a proud member!
  • Handle: Your Ghostly Hero, A Surge of Love
    Location: UK
    Gaming Background: Guild Wars is the only online game that I have time to play.
    Preferred Character: Shutdown Domination Mesmer, or any other Mesmer or Necromancer.
    Position in the Guild: Proud member!
  • Handle: Bud Select
    Location: Michigan
    Gaming Background: Console games until I got hooked on multi-player games.
    Preferred Character: I started with a Sword Warrior/Monk for the first six months. Then I started to PvP and fell in love with IWAY. Now I play a Warrior/Ranger the most.
    Position in the Guild: Member, and the drunk mascot of MATH.