Guild Wars World ChampionshipPre-Game Interview: War Machine
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Pre-Game Interview with War Machine leader Ki Nam Lee

The Valandor guild asks: Are you planning to use the awesome Obsidian Flame Warrior build tomorrow?

War Machine: No, we're not planning to use that.

The Valandor asks: The Last Pride has openly tested their builds on the ladder, but War Machine has been secretive lately, so do you have any new builds in your pocket for tomorrow?

War Machine: We do have something new, but I can't tell you about it tonight because we're keeping it top secret. You'll see it in the first game of tomorrow's match.

The Last Pride guild asks: We understand how War Machine normally works and thinks. Tomorrow are we going to see a completely new concept, or will you be playing a variation of an existing theme?

War Machine: It's not going to be a completely new style. It's a new variation of our normal style.

Idiot Savants guild asks: How do you plan to handle The Last Pride's Energy debilitation?

War Machine: The Last Pride does Mesmer draining but that in itself can't kill you; they need a combo where they drain energy and then attack with a damage dealer. But if you know the timing you can prevent the attack and counter-attack. If they drain your Energy and they're about to attack, then you can go on the offensive instead of waiting to be attacked.

Idiot Savants asks: Do you feel more pressure because you are the defending Korean champion?

War Machine: We don't think of ourselves as the champion, but we always strive to become the champion. So we value this challenge.

Lamers Ultimate Majority guild asks: Did you guys know throughout our match that you would ultimately win?

War Machine: Yes, we knew we'd come back and win. These types of things happen when you run a split team. You get heavy Death Penalty, but that doesn't prevent victory. Our goal in playing a split build isn't to inflict Death Penalty, but to cause the enemy team confusion while we find the right time to go for the kill.

Lamers Ultimate Majority asks: Why do the Korean teams always play with a two Monk backline?

War Machine: The traditional Korean style was to play with just one Monk, but it has evolved to two. When you go from one Monk to two Monks, you get twice the Monk. But if you go from one Monk to three Monks, you don't get three times the Monk. Three Monks is maybe only two-and-a-half times as good as one Monk. Conversely, if I have two Monks and the second is not just healing but has another role too, then it can also be as good as two-and-a-half players.

Lamers Ultimate Majority asks: What has been the biggest surprise so far in the tournament?

War Machine: Actually there haven't been any real surprises.