Guild Wars World ChampionshipPre-Game Interview: The Last Pride
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Pre-Game Interview with The Last Pride leader Eun Jong Lee

The Valandor guild asks: I know your build has enough anti-Warrior stuff to handle two or three Warriors, but is four too much?

The Last Pride: It will be very difficult if it's a four Warrior system, but we have experienced four Warrior systems before and we know their disadvantages. If you design a build to counter two or three Warriors and you don't consider a four Warrior system, it could be very difficult.

The Valandor asks: What will you do if War Machine runs a Ranger spike build?

The Last Pride: We already considered that and we're prepared to face it, so it won't be a problem.

The Valandor asks: Are you planning to force 8 vs. 8 combat or do you plan on splitting as much as possible?

The Last Pride: We usually have briefings before each game but we haven't had time to brief today, so we haven't decided yet. Usually we're prepared to do a head-on fight, but we can adapt as the situation changes.

Idiot Savants guild asks: Did you think iQ was the sexiest team you faced this year?

Last Pride: Definitely!

Idiot Savants asks: Of all the guilds here that have been eliminated from competition, which were you most worried about?

The Last Pride: When we came here, the guild we were most worried about was Idiot Savants.

Lamers Ultimate Majority guild asks: How do you have so much time and motivation to practice?

The Last Pride: Because it's fun, and we get a real feeling of achievement from winning.

Lamers Ultimate Majority asks: Do you think that the same guilds will still be at the top in the next tournament?

The Last Pride: Yes, I believe so.

Lamers Ultimate Majority asks: Why did you play so aggressively and take such risks in the second match against Idiot Savants?

The Last Pride: I thought that if the game ran long it would get boring, so we tried to finish it quickly, but then that had a negative effect and ended up making the game take longer.

War Machine guild asks: Recently The Last Pride's build has changed from split party to more head-on fighting. So what do you think about that change?

The Last Pride: We prepare ourselves for a head-on fight, but with our build we can also do split party. If you instead prepare for a split party, you often end up in a head on fight anyway, so you need to be good at that. If you can't be good at a head-on fight, you can't do a split strategy later. So we prepare for the head-on fight.