Guild Wars World ChampionshipPost-Game Interview: Lamers Ultimate Majority
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The 2006 Guild Wars World Championship is done and the players are all back home safe and sound (hopefully not suffering too much jet lag). We decided to let the six participating guilds talk a bit about their experience before the Guild Wars Factions Championship series begins on March 7th. Next up to the mic is the European Regional runners up, Lamer's Ultimate Majority [LuM].

ArenaNet: Which was the best match of the GWWC?

LuM: LuM vs WM, no doubt =)

ArenaNet: Which guild did you pick as champion going into the event (other than your own)?

LuM: War Machine, shame they didn't win :(

ArenaNet: Which player on any guild would you nominate as MVP of the tournament, and why?

LuM: Bloodlight eyes (from The Last Pride). He just owned with his big hammer

ArenaNet: Which team surprised you the most?

LuM: I was shocked with Valandor's performance, not that EviL weren't good but I thought Val could come up with few tricks and put up a better fight at least.

ArenaNet: Who would you most want to play against now?

LuM: I'd like to replay LuM vs War Machine since both of the battles were already ours to win.

ArenaNet: If you could change one thing in your match, what would it be?

LuM: Long list if things, first of all we should have run flags in chain to not let WM take those morale boosts, should have been more aggressive and not let them control the map the way they wanted. Well, those are the biggest mistakes we did, but I think we learned already. :)

ArenaNet: What was your more memorable moment in Taipei away from the competition?

LuM: Holding the prize on the stage with all those cameras flashing and stuff... Man. ;D

ArenaNet: Are you on for a professional Don't Break the Ice tournament?

LuM: Sure, I almost won that!

ArenaNet: What did you find the most interesting or unique about being in Taiwan?

LuM: Well, the thing I feel to be most weird still would be all the interviews and such, being 'a star' was something I really didn't see beforehand. Another thing I felt very weird with was to meet the Dev team—to meet those guys who created the game I'm spending so much time with.

ArenaNet: What was it like, competing on stage at the show?

LuM: It wasn't my first time playing on a stage/LAN finals so it wasn't a problem for me. To be honest when playing against War Machine I found out when VoD (Victory or Death) started that I wasn't playing from home and should probably keep my voice down a bit. =)

ArenaNet: What are some of your guesses on how Guild Wars Factions will change the current state of the game for high level competition?

LuM: Guild Wars Factions will bring a lot of new possibilities and also shakes up a lot the current metagame. With this metagame it's rather easy to have some sort of counter against every build you're facing. Adding two whole new professions to the game will make this a lot harder and I think we will see a lot of surprising results in the future.

ArenaNet: Anything else you'd like to share about the event?

LuM: I'd do anything to get to the event again, I mean everything was perfect: the flights, hotel, food, people, show—everything.. Big hands to the crew!