Guild Wars World ChampionshipInterview: Learn more about EviL
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ArenaNet: How much time do you guys spend practicing together?

The Last Pride: On a normal weekday, we play on average about 5 hours. On weekends, we play 10 hours during the night.

ArenaNet: Does the guild usually use the same core players for all of its competitive matches, or do you switch out often?

The Last Pride: We only have 8 members to work with, so no switching players. However, because we only have 8, we can work closely together to bring synergy effect.

ArenaNet: Is there anything special you do to prepare for a big event like the Regional Playoffs?

The Last Pride: Strategy and case study for particular maps are important. Also, we have trained individual skills using 4:4 Arena fights. Most of all, continued efforts to practice is the most important thing of all.

ArenaNet: What is the one mistake you see other guilds make the most?

The Last Pride: When managing flags and playing split team strategy, they don't always understand the other party's intention. For example, when we're on the move, they could be confused if we're going for the flagging, or going for the base. We can see these types of mistakes when in small fights with character control.

ArenaNet: What guild's performance has surprised you the most during the Regional Playoffs?

The Last Pride: It was shocking that the guilds who fought for the top ladder, EP, and EW were eliminated. Their movements during the game was different then the usual, probably because they were nervous.

ArenaNet: What guild do you think is your biggest competitor heading into the World Championships in Taipei?

The Last Pride: Offline tournaments always bring many variables which decides the result of the battle. That's why we believe every single game is critical.

ArenaNet: Do you see different play styles between guilds from different regions of the world?

The Last Pride: Usually we can call by their team builds. However, people watch them on the observer mode to see if the build actually is good and if so, they copy them. All in all, people have similar battle style.

Aside from team builds, split strategy and ability to cope with urgent situation can shine with particular guilds.

Very distinctive and creative builds are the upcoming trends as far as we can see.