Guild Wars World ChampionshipInterview: American Regional Runner-up - Treacherous Empire
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ArenaNet: Who in your guild designs the team builds you use, or is it a group effort?

Treacherous Empire: Trexton usually designs most of our builds and then shows his thoughts to the team and we edit/modify it from there.

AN: How much time do you guys spend practicing together?

Te: Probably 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week. So around 8-10 hours a week.

AN: Does the guild usually use the same core players for all of its competitive matches, or do you switch out often?

Te: The guild has 11 core members that play consistently.

AN: Is there anything special you do to prepare for a big event like the Regional Playoffs?

Te: We do unrated practices with other guilds, tailor and complete several backup builds, and make sure everyone is on 3-4 hours prior to the event.

AN: What guild do you think is your biggest competitor heading into the World Championships in Taipei?

Te: We feel it is a tossup among the 6 guilds going to Taipei. At this level of play one small mistake can cost you the game and you never really know who will win until the end.

AN: What guild's performance has surprised/impressed you the most during the Regional Playoffs?

Te: pRp really took us by surprise when they only spent one night preparing to fight EP in the playoffs. They really gave them a run for their money.

AN: What was the guild's philosophy behind choosing the builds that they have run so far?

Te: Run what is fun and that works. Having a large variety of fighting styles/builds can really throw your opponent a loop.

AN: Did you choose your build to play to your team's strength, or what you felt was your foe's weakness?

Te: We use builds that target our foes weaknesses if they are obvious or relevant to the task at hand.

AN: Which match do you feel was the most interesting/challenging for your guild?

Te: We felt the iQ matches were the most challenging to our guild. The games were extremely close and demonstrated how far one small error can go. SNA was a very interesting guild to fight as well. They brought pets to the PvP environment and threw us a loop as to how to deal with them.

AN: What has been the "highlight" moment for your team?

Te: Winning vs. BoA and getting to Taipei.

AN: What character types do each of you prefer to use and why?

Te: Bob The Angry – Warrior, because he enjoys unleashing his unexpressed rage upon his victims.
Trexton – Mesmer, because he enjoys crippling his opponents.
Stepn – Monk, because he likes to hold lots of responsibility in the team.
Crummy Dummy – Ranger, because he enjoys making his opponents angry.
Sheep – Necro, because he has always enjoyed the subtle power of the class.
Lulu – Ranger, because he has been flag running for the past 4-5 months.
Hutto – Ranger, because he has an intimate relationship with distracting shot.
Agrias – Warrior, because he enjoys how his PvE avatar looks.
Kriegar – Warrior, so he can abuse his lieutenants helm.
Awowa – Warrior, because he enjoys plowing through his enemies.
Kuntz – Monk, because he enjoys the highest APM class in Guild Wars.

AN: What is the one mistake you see other guilds make the most?

Te: Not being aggressive enough or too aggressive after winning control of the flag stand.

AN: Do you see a different play style between guilds from different regions of the world?

Te: Definitely. Korean teams seem to favor physical/direct damage over hexes and degen, European teams seem to favor warriors and monks, and American teams seem to favor hard hitting builds.

AN: What skill(s) do you think are underused by other guilds and why?

Te: Hexes are always underused by most other guilds. One reason may be that they can be removed and are unreliable, or that they are just too slow to show signs of progress.