Guild of the Week2006/10/31 – Thousend Tigers Apund Ur Head [Ttgr]
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Guild of the Week: Thousend Tigers Apund Ur Head [Ttgr]

Created in the first months of 2006, Thousend Tigers Apund Ur Head [Ttgr] has been confusing people with their unusual name ever since. Ttgr's name is an ironic use of garbled grammar from a meme the founders of Ttgr found amusing. They felt that it would make an entertaining contrast to their more dignified and grammatically correct behavior.

Ttgr was formed by players who felt dissatisfied with a lack of activity in their prior guilds and wanted to create a core of interesting, active members. The guild currently consists of roughly 16 active members. They accept anyone who has a sense of humor and a good sense of the game. If you're skilled, but favor a relaxed atmosphere, Ttgr might be just the place for you. However, if you're new to the game or happy with playing only one class, there are better guilds for your interests.

Ttgr's philosophy is to create a PvP gaming environment that all of its members can enjoy. They strive to remain competitive without sacrificing their love of the game. The guild shuns the elitist attitude they've witnessed in other highly ranked guilds. Players who are rude or elitist rarely last long in Ttgr.

At heart, the guild holds the belief that the game ought to be fun. However, losing isn't fun. Consequently, the guild strives towards success in PvP, using organization and communication to ensure enough victories to keep the game interesting for members. Rather than seeing the concepts of fun and competitiveness as exclusive, they view them as inseparable.

PvP Discussion

Although some members of Ttgr enjoy PvE once and awhile, the guild's focus is PvP. Their current favorite build involves spiking, splitting, and pressure. They've found that its combination of skills work well with the metagame by using Hex pressure and a Ritualist back line. The skills Soul Barbs and Recurring Insecurity are the central tactic in this build.

Ttgr prefers a strong defense over a dominating offense, using skills like Spiteful Spirit to combine damage with deterrent. Soothing Images is another useful skill for rendering Warriors ineffective.

Ttgr differs from most contemporary guilds in that the guild never targets Monks first. The guild's defensive strategy is to make sure the enemy support classes die last. By destroying the team's offense, they grant themselves more safety and time to debilitate the remaining opponents. When it comes to choosing a guild hall, Ttgr opts for maps that suit their style of play. At the moment, Nomad's Isle and Burning Isle suit them best.

GvG Build

  • Lead Necro:
    16 Curses, 12 Soul Reaping, 6 Earth Magic
    Soul Barbs, Spiteful Spirit, Reckless Haste, Parasitic Bond, Defile Flesh, Glyph of Concentration, Ward of Stability, Resurrection Signet

This Necromancer casts Spiteful Spirit and Reckless Haste on Warriors to punish them for attacking. Since he is vulnerable to interruption on Soul Barbs, he uses Ward of Stability and Glyph of Concentration to make it very difficult to interrupt him.

  • Illusion Necro:
    12 Illusion Magic, 8 Inspiration Magic, 2 Domination Magic, 14 Soul Reaping
    Recurring Insecurity, Images of Remorse, Conjure Phantasm, Soothing Images, Accumulate Pain, Wastrel’s Worry, Imagined Burden, Signet of Humility

This Necromancer spreads degeneration through Hexes, and hurts Warriors by destroying their adrenaline via Soothing Images. His Signet of Humility is there to stop counters such as Expel Hexes or Psychic Distraction.

  • Ice Necro:
    10 Water Magic, 14 Soul Reaping, 12 Curses
    Shard Storm, Deep Freeze, Ice Spikes, Icy Veins, Shadow of Fear, Malaise, Rust, Suffering

This Necromancer slows down the target of choice so it cannot run away. He also spreads miscellaneous annoyance by using his assorted Hexes.

  • Assassin:
    14 Deadly Arts, 13 Critical Strikes, 11 Dagger Mastery (yes, we use a lot of Runes)
    Siphon Strength, Siphon Speed, Black Lotus Strike, Twisting Fangs, Impale, Enduring Toxin, Debilitating Shot, Resurrection Signet

This Assassin is a very original and powerful addition to the team. She usually attacks Warriors and casts Siphon Strength on them to make them as weak as a small kitten. When you need to spike, she can unleash her powerful combo to devastating effect. Furthermore, Debilitating Shot is a powerful tool against enemy Monks.

  • Restoration Ritualist One:
    15 Spawning Power, 15 Restoration Magic, 3 Inspiration Magic
    Soothing Memories, Spirit Light, Spirit Transfer, Mend Body and Soul, Attuned Was Songkai, Inspired Hex, Mantra of Concentration, Life

Ritualist healers can be more Energy-efficient and resilient for pressuring than Monk healers. This specific Ritualist is able to heal almost endlessly through a combination of Soothing Memories and Attuned was Songkai. In fact, Soothing Memories actually gives him extra Energy to use. Since Songkai is vulnerable to interrupts, he uses Mantra of Concentration.

  • Restoration Ritualist Two:
    15 Spawning Power, 15 Restoration Magic, 3 Inspiration Magic
    Soothing Memories, Weapon of Warding, Mend Body and Soul, Recuperation, Attuned Was Songkai, Inspired Hex, Mantra of Concentration, Flesh of My Flesh

Similar to the first Ritualist, but using Weapon of Warding to mitigate Warriors and stop adrenaline spikes before they happen. Recuperation is a very powerful tool against all of the new Condition teams.

  • Spirit Lord:
    15 Communing, 14 Spawning Power
    Pain, Shadowsong, Bloodsong, Shelter, Union, Displacement, Boon of Creation, Ritual Lord

This Ritualist has four interconnected roles. His first is defensive, in that Shelter, Union, and Displacement are very annoying to the enemy team. His second is offensive; the attacking Spirits can dish out a lot of hurt. Furthermore, his Spirits provide the Necromancers with Energy via Soul Reaping. Finally, the presence of Spirits invigorates the Restoration Ritualists and allows them to use Mend Body and Soul and Spirit Transfer more efficiently.

  • Monk Runner:
    16 Protection Prayers, 13 Divine Favor
    Shielding Hands, Mend Ailment, Protective Spirit, Spirit Bond, Succor, Peace and Harmony, Dash, Pacifism

Since the recent nerf to Ritual Lords, their Energy is very precious. This runner was designed to upkeep the Ritual Lord’s Energy while being a good help during the new Victory or Death. This runner is very resilient, fast, and is a great boon to the team.

Member Profiles

Meet the tigers of Ttgr

  • Handle: Armen the Guide
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta
    Gaming Background: I have a very extensive gaming background that ranges throughout all genres. My long RPG and RTS experience has generally greatly contributed to my Guild Wars experience.
    Preferred Character: I play and enjoy all professions. I usually give my guildies the option of choosing their preferred classes in order to strengthen their abilities in those roles, while allowing me the chance to adapt to new roles.
    Position in the Guild: Leader.
  • Handle: Fui
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta
    Gaming Background: I have extensive experience in RPG and RTS games. Knowledge and aptitude picked up in those games really helps in Guild Wars too, because the unique combat dynamic draws on many gaming concepts simultaneously.
    Preferred Character: I like to play all professions equally, and I'm not particularly specialized in any of them. I feel that the best player is someone who can play all the professions, because only by knowing the capabilities and limitations of your friends (and enemies) will you be able to play most effectively. A Monk who knows, with first hand experience, how difficult it is to be a Warrior is a better Monk than one who screams in frustration every time his Warriors overextend to get that last hit.
    Position in the Guild: Commanding Officer. I make most of the builds, organize PvP matches, and am often shouting orders on Vent.
  • Handle: Koda the Ranger
    Location: Washington, USA
    Gaming Background: Other than some RPGs, not much.
    Preferred Character: Being a "grunt" of Ttgr, I usually play whatever requires the most skill or whatever character others choose to avoid.
    Position in the Guild: Officer.
  • Handle: Henry of Navarre
    Location: Wisconsin, USA
    Gaming Background: Most of my gaming background is from console games, primarily RPGs and FPSs.
    Preferred Character: I can play anything, but I prefer Monk or Mesmer; Monk because I like the responsibility that comes with having to keep people alive, and Mesmer because nothing's funnier than a half-Diversioned out Monk on the other team.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
  • Handle: Idun the Eternal
    Location: Wisconsin, USA
    Gaming Background: RPGs and RTSs.
    Preferred Character: I mostly fill in where needed, but I find Monking an honorable position. With the variety of builds our guild plays, having a good background in all professions is a must.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
  • Handle: Sue Permann
    Location: Oregon, USA
    Gaming Background: I've been playing RPGs and FPS since the late 1980s.
    Preferred Character: Anti-Warrior Hexing Necromancer. I like to use Hexes and watch people kill themselves.
    Position in the Guild: Officer, Father Figure
  • Handle: Iron Dragon
    Location: Ontario, Canada
    Gaming Background: I was mainly a FPS fan before Guild Wars came out because I simply don't believe in the pay-to-play policy most online RPGs follow.
    Preferred Character: I find myself usually playing various roles. Anything that needs to be done I can play, though I've recently taken a liking to Ritualists. They are a class to be feared when used right.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
  • Handle: Im Waldo (Lina)
    Location: Wouldn't you like to know. I have been spotted at Wisconsin Badger games.
    Gaming Background: I spent most of my pre-Guild Wars time looking at pictures.
    Preferred Character: I'm pretty good at finding the flag.
    Position in the Guild: Somewhere between henchman and member.
  • Handle: Fatal
    Location: California, USA
    Gaming Background: MMORPGs are my specialty, but I excel at shooting games because of my catlike reflexes! Strategy games are also a favorite of mine.
    Preferred Character: My Ranger was the first character that I made in Guild Wars. I made him on the very first day the game was released.
    Position in the Guild: Member
  • Handle: Yuri Se
    Location: British Columbia, Canada
    Gaming Background: I have an extensive background in playing FPSs. I mostly gamed on consoles and recently started on PC games.
    Preferred Character: I have trouble choosing between Warriors and Elementalists. I love them both. I like the hands-on, close quarters style of the Warrior, and I love the Elementalist's tactical builds, like flag running.
    Position in the Guild: Member