Guild of the Week2006/12/27 – Powerpuff Boys [PUFF]
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Guild of the Week: Powerpuff Boys [PUFF]

The Powerpuff Boys attribute their creation to a shared love of chain killing Monks. United by the goal of annoying their opponents, they share the guild philosophy of achieving world domination. The sky is the limit for the members of PUFF, so watch out for these aspiring tyrannical overlords. But don't assume these are a pack of hardened, soulless mercenaries. Their reason for playing Guild Wars? "We LOVE pretty pictures!"

PUFF is a socially active guild, and they value voice-chat software as a tool for both the game and friendly chatter. Common sense and experience are important qualities that the guild looks for in recruits, but being able to hold up a conversation is equally important. The guild roster checks in at a modest, but effective, list of twelve players.

PvP Build:

Here's a split build PUFF recommends. The guild ran this build on the GvG ladder in a recent season, and met with success.

  • Warrior/Elementalist
    Earthshaker, Crushing Blow, Hammer Bash, Shock, Frenzy, Sprint, Healing Signet, Resurrection Signet
  • Warrior/Elementalist
    Shock, Frenzy, Sprint, Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Healing Signet, Bull's Strike, Resurrection Signet
  • Elementalist/Monk
    Ether Prodigy, Heal Party, Draw Conditions, Deep Freeze, Blinding Flash, Gale, Glyph of Sacrifice, Resurrection Chant
  • Monk/Assassin
    Blessed Light, Gift of Health, Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Signet of Devotion, Mend Ailment, Return, Dark Escape
  • Monk/Assassin
    Blessed Light, Gift of Health, Spirit Bond, Reversal of Fortune, Signet of Devotion, Mend Ailment, Return, Dark Escape
  • Assassin/Warrior
    Unsuspecting Strike, Wild Strike, Twisting Fangs, Frenzy, Dash, "Coward!", Caltrops, Resurrection Signet
  • Monk/Assassin
    Blessed Light, Gift of Health, Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Signet of Devotion, Mend Ailment, Return, Dark Escape
  • Monk/Mesmer
    Zealot's Fire, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Draw Conditions, Air of Enchantment, Channeling, Holy Veil, Resurrection Signet

PUFF summarizes this build as a 5-3 split. The Assassin, Smiter, and Blessed Light Monk break off to the enemy team's base, while the main team presents a threat to the flag stand. The key to success is the durability of both sides of the split. NPCs don't last long against this build, unless the split team is quickly countered.

There are, however, some weaknesses to the build. Against high pressure teams, PUFF explains that it can be difficult for the main team to stay up long enough for the split to put a dent in the enemy NPCs. However, when given enough space to get up to speed, the split squad can kill the enemy Guild Lord in less than four minutes.

General PvP Discussion

Apart from Random Arenas, GvG is the favorite type of PvP for PUFF. The level of competition appeals to members, and they enjoy trying to improve their ladder rank each season. They feel it offers the most fun in Guild Wars, and they strive to get the most out of it every time they play.

When calling targets in GvG combat, PUFF aims their spikes at whoever seems weakest. Soft mid-line casters, Assassins, Dervishes, and "Bunny Thumper" Rangers are all preferred targets. Having death penalty on those targets makes them play more carefully and reduces their effectiveness.

As the game progresses, the team tries to target flag runners, those carrying a "hard rez," and Monks. The ultimate goal is to secure a strong advantage before the game can progress to "Victory of Death."

As for players who are still getting their feet under them in the PvP world, or those looking to hone the skills they have, PUFF offers the following wisdom:

  • When running builds such as adrenaline spike, taking along dual Mesmers with Shame or Diversion to hamper enemy Monks can dramatically increase the chance of a successful spike.
  • If you are losing a match, never give up. A good technique is to attempt to kill a Monk just before the resurrection timer so it resurrects at the base before the enemy team can resurrect the Monk themselves. If you can do this when "turtling" at your Guild Lord, you now have the time it takes their Monk to run back to freely kill almost anything you please. This often allows you to hold out for a morale boost and effectively put yourself back in the game.
  • Never push too hard. If you know the team you're playing against has a lot of pressure, resist the urge to continue the push otherwise you risk losing the game.
  • Always consider the time when using skills. Keep an eye on your morale timer and use that bonus for all it is worth.
  • Remember that although Monks are strong at stopping and catching spikes, it is also the job of the entire party to disrupt spikes as much as possible.

Member Profiles

Meet the Powerpuffs of PUFF

  • Handle: Wipe
    Location: England
    Preferred Character: I prefer to play Rangers as long as they have interrupts. Everyone loves interrupts!
    Gaming Background: Other MMORGs. Nobody needs a real life with these!
    Position in the Guild: Officer, because everyone is.
    Why I Joined: Because GvG is far greater than HA.
  • Handle: Mia Rynale
    Location: England
    Preferred Character: Monk, or anything that's fun.
    Gaming Background: This is my first online game.
    Position in the Guild: Officer/Scrub/Backup-Player
    Why I Joined: Because they are lunatics
  • Handle: Rau
    Location: Netherlands
    Preferred Character: A "You're All Alone!" Warrior.
    Gaming Background: War-themed FPS games.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
    Why I Joined: For fun.
  • Handle: Gary
    Location: England
    Preferred Character: Monks! I'm not allowed to play anything else. Mainly I play Monk/Assassins with Divert Hexes.
    Gaming Background: Mixed: FPSs, strategy games, RPGS.
    Position in the Guild: Officer
    Why I Joined: To do GvG!
  • Handle: Mo Fo/Dave
    Location: England
    Preferred Character: Mesmer, because I'm annoying and anti-social.
    Gaming Background: Real time strategy games.
    Position in the Guild: Runner and Caros' Lover
    Why I Joined: I was the loser who tagged along in the background, hoping someone would love me.
  • Handle: Dolly
    Location: Belgium
    Preferred Character: Since I can only play one profession (at least according to my guild mates) I tend to play Monk only. I love to play Infuser, and I just love to teleport away from a Warrior hitting on me, leaving him Crippled and far away.
    Gaming Background: RTS, FPS, RPG—as long as it was a game, I was happy. Now I play Guild Wars full time.
    Position in the Guild: Infuser and full time guild Monk (they don't let me play anything else, really...)
    Why I Joined: Well...someone had to be the mature player in the guild, so they actually need me in the guild...
  • Handle: Caros
    Location: Ireland
    Preferred Character: Warrior, spike caller, and primary Ventrilo rager.
    Gaming Background: Not much before Guild Wars.
    Position in the Guild: Leader!
    Why I Joined: I couldn't get in anywhere better :(
  • Handle: Spiker
    Location: The Hood, UK
    Preferred Character: Warrior, with builds that can kill little Monkies.
    Gaming Background: Tetris. Guild Wars is the first MMO I've played.
    Position in the Guild: Warrior, someone to rage at.
    Why I Joined: Umm, I can't remember.
  • Handle: Nocturnal Concerto aka "Queen"
    Location: East Anglia, England
    Preferred Character: Mesmer or Ranger. I love interrupting, and generally annoying as many people as I possibly can. My favorite Mesmer bar is: Energy Surge, Wastrel's Demise, Spiritual Pain, Power Return, Gale, Shatter Enchantment, Diversion, Resurrection Signet.
    Gaming background: I have been playing Guild Wars for almost a year. I prefer the PvP aspect of the game, predominantly GvG. Before I used to enjoy Heroes' Ascent, but after achieving rank 10, and due to some certain changes made to HA, I no longer enter the tournament.
    Guild Position: Officer (we all are!)
    Why I Joined: I met Powerpuff Boys in Heroes' Ascent. I enjoyed playing with them, as we made loads of fame, and the players were experienced and fun to play with. After hearing that they were moving onto GvG I decided I would leave my first PvP guild to join them.
  • Handle: Burt
    Location: UK
    Preferred Character: Mesmer, various skills depending on our current GvG build.
    Gaming Background: I played several fantasy action games before starting Guild Wars about two years ago.
    Position in the Guild: Retired Legend—I made up everyone's nicknames.
    Why I Joined: I love Dolly and wanted a fun bunch of lads.