Guild of the Week2007/09/18 – Electronic Empire [eE]
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Guild of the Week: Electronic Empire [eE]

In September of 2006, the Electronic Empire [eE] was founded by The Hero You Hate as a Heroes' Ascent guild. Currently, this tight group of twelve experienced players, most of whom are rank 9 or higher on the Hero Title Track, prefer Guild Battles because of its more concrete results as reflected in the guild rating and ladder rank. Their focus on GvG has driven them to become an established guild on the ladder, consistently hovering among the top 100.

PvP Tactics

The Electronic Empire began its career with a Ritualist Spike build for Heroes' Ascent, even though they assumed at the time that it probably wouldn't work because pressure teams would easily overcome them. While this is exactly what happened in the beginning, they noticed they suffered the most from Hex pressure teams, so they kept tweaking the build for Hex resistance. Ultimately, they ended up adding Expel Hexes and replacing a few Resurrection Signets with Hex Breaker.

After the modifications were complete, they took Ritualist Spike into GvG, and immediately saw that something wasn't right. Opponents would usually split when they saw the Ritualist Spike. Because eE had only one Vital Weapon, they'd lose all spiking ability in one of their split teams. Now they run with two Vital Weapons to allow splits and still be as deadly as a full team of eight.

Being mostly a spike guild, the Electronic Empire prefers taking down "soft" targets first: Monks, Mesmers, Elementalists, and Ritualists. Usually this method quickly pressures the opposition, racking up death penalty and devastating Monks. To complement their spike, [eE] likes to use the Burning Isle; the Burning and Crippled Conditions and narrow pathways make split tactics more difficult and often force teams into 8v8 confrontation.

Body Block Gank

Last season, during a match on Warrior's Isle, the Electronic Empire was having a hellish GvG fight at the flagstand. Both teams were spiking very fast; at around minute 15, eE crumbled and retreated to their base, where they turtled until minute 24. Then they rushed the enemy Guild Lord, leaving six players to body block the enemy gate while two Warriors killed the Guild Lord. It was a close match for them, but shows that alternative tactics can win where spikes fail.

Member Information

  • Handle: The Hero You Hate
    Location: Portugal
    Position: Leader
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: Charr, because I have killed so many of them in PvE that I fell in love.
    Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was working my Monk to reach the Legendary Survivor title, and I went to Great Temple of Balthazar to goof around with my good friend Scarlete Light. She went to fix the catapult and then fired off a random shot and... I died... with around five thousand XP points left for Survivor (2). I was stunned for a few minutes and she was speechless when she realized she had killed me.
    Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Losing a scrimmage match to Scarlete Light when she first started playing. I blame Frenzy.
    Which build do you have trouble with: GvG Build: six Touchers, one Elementalist runner, one Protection Monk. Try killing that with spikes.
    Why your guild is the greatest: Because we can 3, 2, 1, spike like crazy.
  • Handle: Ryan of Kendal
    Location: England
    Position: Member
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be a fire imp because they look cool and the weather around Lion's Arch ain't too bad either.
    Humorous gaming incident: When Starburst spike was popular, I joined an unranked pug group as a 55 Monk for fun. We went up against Starburst in the Underworld map and they completely wiped our team in a matter of seconds. So I bonded myself and they were unable to kill me. After five minutes of that they decided to resign.
    Why you joined: I was searching for a serious PvP guild because my previous guilds had not achieved very much and I wanted to get more out of my PvP experience.
    Preferred character: Any frontline. I remember being a hammer Warrior on Sacred Temples when we came against a Rit spike and I shut down their spike a couple of times in the game by using Earth Shaker to knock them down.
    How where you live affects your gaming: I get to play with my real life friends at either my house or theirs, which makes the game even more fun.
  • Handle: Aeris Amaurycus
    Location: France
    Position: Member
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: Corsairs suit me just fine—lying down on the beach drinking some old Caribbean rum.
    Humorous gaming incident: Both humorous and embarrassing actually. I was playing in HoH as an Infuser Monk on a two Monk backline with some thumpers upfront. We were dominating King of the Hill. But during the last three minutes, our Ghostly got spiked. Unfortunately for the Ghostly, he died while a level 20 pet survived. I could sense the furious eyes of my leader on TS, but I could also see the big love in the animal's eyes.
    Why you joined: Natural evolution I would say. I did a little workout as a Monk for Heroes and Scar, and I liked the way the leader was leading and how he wanted the guild to improve. It was the best way for me to get better.
    Preferred character: Backline, healer preferred. I love the position of this char in PvP. It's just one hundred percent pure adrenaline. Even if I must say that my first char was a Necro.
    How where you live affects your gaming: My best friend introduced me to GW. And I thank "Elemental Alma" for that.
  • Handle: Mm The Master Monk
    Location: England
    Position: Member
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: Flame djinns because they look so cool and are made of fire.
    Funniest PUG experience: When someone forgot to put armor on and, not realizing it, tried to tank the Zaishen in Heroes' Ascent.
    Preferred character: Monk, which was the profession of my first character (Mm The Master Monk). I like to Monk in PvP because I prefer defense instead of offense. Also, it is usually easier to find a group as a Monk.
    Skill Bar: The solo Monk/Dervish 55 bar which is as follows, Balthazar's Spirit, Blessed Aura, Watchful Spirit, Essence Bond, Protective Spirit, Shield of Judgment, Mystic Regeneration, Blessed Signet.
    PvP or PvE: I prefer PvP because it is more competitive; you get rolled by other humans unless you constantly think about tactics.
  • Handle: Glimmering Mark
    Location: USA
    Position: Member
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: Hmmm this is hard...I would like to be a naga welp because if you really read it, it sounds funny.
    Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Earning a plus 5 rating for a win in GvG when I didn't even know you could get plus 5.
    PvP or PvE: I actually like to show off my fame emote in PvE district and watch people gather round to make comments about PvP.
  • Handle: Rachel Rainbowlight
    Location: Spain
    Position: Member
    Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was 17 XP away from Legendary Survivor, so I decided to make a special last kill to earn the title. I wanted to kill a guy in RA, so I took a sin, charged onto this Warrior...the next chain of events was horrible... 2 Ripostes, then nuked by 2 Searing Flames, and spiked by another sin. I got killed and lost the title...
    Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Back when I was rank 3, I was playing some random build in HA. At the start of game we "bambied" the other team; we eventually lost and they all got their tiger emotes out.
    PvP or PvE: Well, slaying level 10 Charr with my level 20 nuker does make me feel very cool.
    What build do you have trouble with: Total stance tanks in PvP who run a Skill Bar with which they can only protect and heal themselves.
  • Handle: E U R O P E A N
    Location: France
    Position: Member
    Guild Wars monster you'd be: An Atax bull because I love the way it drops lots of ectoplasms.
    Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was with my 55 Monk in Elona's Reach, I rushed in with Mino and and and ... I forgot my Protective Spirit! Instant death.
    Preferred character: Sometimes a Warrior, but I mostly prefer casters, specifically the Mesmer. I like to use Spirit of Failure against Warriors.
    Skill Bar: I love this Warrior build: Earth Shaker, Enraging Charge, Hammer Bash, Crushing Blow, Shock, Flail, Rush, Bull's Strike. Constant knock-down.
    PvP or PvE: I prefer PvP because I love the competition and the team spirit in GvG or HA. I play in Random Arenas when I am alone, usually as a Necromancer.
  • Handle: Scarlete Light
    Location: France
    Position: Honorable Member
    One interesting fact: I'm a 33-year old woman. The fact I play Guild Wars surprises many people. It is additionally surprising that I was the leader of eE for such a long time. Power to women.
    Humorous gaming incident: When I began to play Guild Wars, I went with The Hero You Hate to Alliance Battles. He was like my teacher so I trusted him. When he called a target and asked me to go attack I did not think twice. I ran to it and died instantaneously. I was speechless. The target was the opposing Base Defender...Since that day I am much more aware.
    How where you live affects your gaming: I live in France but all my family is in Portugal. I share with my brother (Thoth Atroh) the passion for Guild Wars, and playing side by side with him makes me feel as if I had never left the country, like my family is just around the corner. It's a great sensation.
    Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Being eE's guild leader for a long time is something of which I'll always be proud. This guild will always remain number one in my heart, and be able to count on me whenever needed.
    PvP or PvE: PvE was quite fun, especially when you discover new landscapes and do missions for the first time. But now I am keen on the competitive side of Guild Wars. To measure myself against other players is interesting and makes me want to be in constant evolution.